Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas all my crazy Alouettes fans!! Just wanna say thank you for hearing me out when i need to get things off my chest. I think we all think the same way anyway! My friends think im crazy to care about CFL football. That’s why im thankful to have you guys! I may just may give this team 1 more chance, especially most home games are on a friday i may attend some. Watching the Patriots Bills game now, imagine Christmas eve being at Molson stadium watching a Alouettes Ti-Cats game and going home for 5 o’clock to a Christmas eve supper!! Be good love you all! Hoping for some cool Alouettes gear from santa!

Happy Festivus!

Johnny has already done his airing of grievances towards the Alouettes. More to come in the New Year, if Reed pays Durant his 150k bonus.

Merry Christmas Mike2579 and to all who visit this forum.
Enjoy the special time with family and friends.

May Santa bring some goodies for the Als to allow them to continue their rebuilding.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all