Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, boys.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season and a lump of coal to TFC, their fans, the Jays, the Raptors and everyone else who means the CFL harm. Also remember, if you are out buying a cell phone today (or cable or anything else "telecomunic" - is that a word?), buy Bell, Telus, Cogeco, etc... Anything But Rogers (ABR) - the group that means us the most harm !!!

Merry Christmas, All !!!!

El Tabadoooooooooooooooorr!!!

Merry Christmas, Kevin!

I hate Christmas, but not as much as Rogers.


:thdn: :thup:

...that's because, as a tribe, we would choose to eat you during this celebration...

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Then all of you would of absorbed my aurora and would become Bomber fans... Lol
To be honest, I honestly was shocked that today was Christmas eve.. Yesterday I went paragliding above the Andes, the day before I went Canyoning, the day before that I did so much coke That I thought I was going n to Cardiac arrest... (Lol, when in Rome I guess.. Would not try that one again, but glad I experienced it and lived) the day before I went on a rafting expedition and hit class 5 rapids.. Two days before that I did a bicycle tour of Bogota.. Tomorrow, I am doing a 20 km bicycle tour downhill through the Andes Then I am headed to the coast to Scuba dive and Surf..
I have avoided countless opportunities to indulge in 20 dollar prostitutes ,and other than the one night of cocaine fuelled debautary, I have managed to keep this trip about exploring the country ,and all that it has to offer. Comparing this to Vancouver, and sitting around doing nothing because everything is horribly over priced ,and I can honestly say that I am in a much much happier place..

Then by all means live your dream and stay there. Canada has nothing for you. We will all be poorer for it, but we will try to muddle through our boring over priced Canadian lives without you sir. It will be hard without you but we all know this and we all understand this, but we will try to carry on without you

Leave it bungle to troll the Christmas thread. douche bag

you are so pathetic. only a total loser has anything to do with cocaine

btw. you might hate Christmas but amazingly, Christmas does not hate you

Merry Christmas, CRF!!! :thup:

Oh come on.. The amount I snorted was worth like 2 bucks...haha.. You have to he so overdramatic..
Anyways, the trip I picked tommorrow is actually going to be 55kms. The 20km one was sold out...Apparently if you do a little bump before you start, it gets you in focus and I have no connections, so I guess that I will have to rely on good ole fashioned natural reflexes when the logs and rocks get in my way, as I fly down the mountain.

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season for all.

…from Mr. & Mrs. Beaglehound

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Even you Mr Bungle, but honestly it's time to wake up your moms calling you from upstairs and your canned Ravioli is ready :lol:

Id actually go for some canned rav right The Columbian food is good ..but gets to all be the same after awhile

so, let me get this straight. You complain about ONLY making 10,000 a month and not being able to afford seasons tickets, and yet you can go tripping around the world :roll:

Oh, they have cocaine in Columbia now? :cowboy:

Merry Christmas from the Hammer guys! Have a Happy New Year!

Happy Festivus