Merry Christmas

Friesen is a lunatic, lol.

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'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the valley

They pass down the story of head coach Mike Kelly.

His mug-shot was hung on front pages with care

After police had him booked for assault down there.

Board members were nestled, all snug in their room

An easy pink slip appearing out of the gloom.

The story broke quickly, a domestic, they say

An ex and a struggle, in Bridgeport, PA.

He'd arrived in December, one year before

Promising to deliver a Grey Cup to our door.

He came with a clatter of ego and bluster

Drowning the question: could he pass muster?

The records he'd helped set, back in the day

Were outnumbered by holes in his resume.

A professor he'd been, somewhere near Philly

In charge of a team? That seemed a tad silly.

He said his new team just needed a tweak

Then proceeded to cut half in the following weeks.

The more he sent packing, the more people wondered

If this bunch wasn't bad, why throw it asunder?

There was no denying his gift with the gab

But then he threw out the first of his jabs.

Aiming at the jaw of one Brendan Taman

He said the old GM did his work just on napkins.

Like Billy the Kid, he shot from the hip

Never at loss for a noteworthy clip.

He took aim and fired at scribes and at players

You knew in a moment it must be the Professor.

More rapid than eagles, his headlines they came

He huffed and he puffed, and called them bad names.

First Taman, then Glenn, now Armstrong and Simpson

On LeFors, on the shotgun, at Bishop and Friesen.

Mistakes on the field, an offence in tatters

The losses were one thing, but others, too, mattered.

An act like a circus was now in its throes

From Pacman to Spygate, to banning calls on his show.

He'd blamed all his passers, he'd blamed his O-line

He'd blamed his receivers, trading Franklin and Bryant.

Claiming he'd mastered the finer points of the game,

We found out different, by Googling his name.

The Blue Bomber brand was taking a beating

A laughingstock, kind of like Reinebold repeating.

Fans threatened action, vowing to quit

The Professor just called it more media bullsh--.

Fined by the league, protected by Bauer

His season would come down to the final hour.

Then karma appeared, wearing No. 5

None other than the man Kelly'd thrown aside.

The pivot named Glenn ended his season

Poetic justice, needing no rhyme nor reason.

The year a disaster, blacker than black

Nonetheless the Professor vowed, "I will be back."

Then, in a twinkling, we heard on the wire

The coach is in trouble, and this time it's dire.

His boss, Mr. Bauer, was stepping aside

No longer would the coach get a free ride.

Fired for cause, the directors did say

Not for what happened early that day.

But for 12 months of trouble, conflict and shame

Reflecting badly on the proud Bomber name.

Then came the picture, hot to the press

The Professor, we thought, in a state of duress.

But his eyes, how they twinkled, his dimples how merry

His cheeks were like roses, he looked almost cheery.

A sign from the cops he held tight in his hand

And we felt just a tinge of regret for the man.

For his dream had died that hour in PA.

No lawyer, no words could salvage that day.

And so as we ponder this new Christmas season

Let's bury the hatchet, forget all the reasons.

Here's wishing good fortune, good health and bright futures

To all those we know, even the Professor.

.....As Kelly was about to go 'down' ....the chimney and while holding his nose he turned with a jerk....I wonder was that Friesen.....Seasons Greetings all Bomber fans....maybe Santa will have a big surprise for us .....the winning formula for 2010... :thup:

Merry Christmas to you and yours. A sniff of the Grey Cup in 2010. Hey, its Christmas, can't a guy dream?

Merry Christmas to all my dear friends at the Winnipeg fan forum :smiley: God Bless us everyone

Merry Christmas everyone! Peace to you all in the season...

Merry Christmas. Best wishes to everyone for a happy, safe and prosperous 2010 (even you, HfxTC :wink: ).

Thanks that means a lot... It was a hard year for Bomber fans too hard and I'm sorry if I was in your house being so vocal but seeing Kelly treat players and people like Taman the way he did, made me very angry. To see the West cross over again this year was embarassing, To have Lyle Bauer gloating that he had contributed to Kelly's fine for disrespecting media and fans I knew this was not going to get fixed.

Anyway with Murphy working hard and Nelson's good young defense, minus Kelly and Bauer. I think the Bombers will be instantly improved next year and that means no crossover and at least 3 .500 or better football teams :thup:

Let's hope everyone stays healthy and has a great 2010... I think it will be a fantastic year all around !