Merry Christmas

Hi everyone,

I just want to send a very Merry Christmas wish to all my TiCat brothers & sisters in the Hammer and beyond.
May we never lose faith and always believe in the one thing that brings us all together; our love & passion for the Hamilton Tiger Cats Football franchise.

All the best in 2009!


Agreed to All even the Argo fans..
Marry Christmas
Happy Hanuka
Happy Quanza
for any one else Happy Holiday s

The best to all who spend time on this site. Sometimes we have our differences, but

this is a good time of year to drop them and embrace the season along with

it's true meaning. God Bless All!

A very Merry Christmas to all on this forum.
Its been a wild ride this past season so lets hope Obie continues his re-building in 2009 and at least gets us into the playoffs. :thup:

All the best this holiday season to all. May the new year bring good health and happiness.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Good News.

You may not know this but Santa left a lump of coal
in Caretaker bob's stocking at Christmas in Dec 2004.

The heat and pressure fans at have been putting
on caretaker bob and the team is starting to take effect

That piece of coal is starting to turn into a diamond.

The Bad news?

It's still going to take a few more years for
that lump of coal to turn into a diamond.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year everybody. All the best in '09!

Cheers everyone,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

PLEASE don't drink and drive, there are others out there on the roads too!!!

Merry Christmas to all but, more importantly, a Happier New Year to all ticat fans.

On behalf of the organizers of the Ron Lancaster Chaptor of CFL Fan's Fight Cancer.

Thankyou to the Hamilton Tiger Cat fan community for the generousity shown in helping us raise money for the Wellwood Cancer Support Centre and the outpouring of support when signing the card for Ron at the game.

A special thanks to Tigger who coordinates the Ron Lancaster Chaptor and the amazing volunteers, without his dedication and the volunteers wear-with-all we would not have been as successful as we were. Thanks buddy!

Also to Mark Bowden and the Ticats for lettting us operated fundraisers at the tailgates and helping our fundraisers through various generous donations!

The Ticat Fan Community are truely great people and we at R.L.-CFLFFC will continue to proudly represent you in the fight against cancer in Hamilton.

All the Best of the Season to you All.
Jarrett Harris
Founder CFLFFC

And thank you Jarrett for all the hard work and dedication you have demonstrated, fantastic!! :thup:

I did come across this around Christmas time. A great production and inlcudes a lot of Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Enjoy and Happy New Year to all.

So what you're saying is that with a couple million years and lot more pressure we might get a diamond out of Bob's coal?? :smiley:

It took a while, Tina,

but I am glad somebody figured
that 'lump of coal analogy' out.

Good on you, BG.


I guess it took so long because I forgot
to add a :wink: emoticon after what I said.