Merry Christmas to all you Ticats fans

So what could the ticats do to give you a Happy New Year in 2019 ?

Win the 2020 Grey Cup Bid ?

Sign a key internal or external free agent ?

Sign a certain Defensive Co ordinator ?

Bring back the Cheerleaders ?

For me , it would be to sign an external
free agent pass rusher like Willie Jefferson or G’ared Davis.

Have a great holidays and may you all get something from the Ticats store for Christmas ?

Oskie Wee Wee

To all my TiCats friends around the world, have a safe and Merry Christmas!

And the same to you Grover. Keep that breaking news and those up-to-date reports coming…!!!

Back at you Grover…let 2019 be a year of positivity (as you have shown over and over) on this forum.
God Bless??

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Big OSKEE-WEE-WEE to everybody in TIGER TOWN and beyond !!!

Back at ya Lenny . Grover is the man and the firstone of the 1 000 points of light on this site . :smiley: Merry Christmas to all .

Pat Lynch (apparently the Reverend and spelling guru)

MeleKalikimakaa Hauoli Makahiki Hou

Merry Christmas to all my fellow TC fans.

But be careful out there, extra hazard at Christmas - A lot of guys have a drink or two and let their wives drive!

All the best -A

Merry Christmas to all my fellow TC fans.


What could the cats do to make this new years great? re sign Brandon Banks and sign Mark Washington as DC

Well , you’re half right at least .