Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Stay Safe

In Day One of lockdown here in Hamilton as we join Toronto, Peel and York with the rest of the province joining us as of December 26 as Covid cases and number of deaths reach horrifying levels trending even higher at rates that will soon overwhelm our hospitals.

So I want to still wish everyone a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays - but ask you to celebrate in a fashion similar to my family. We usually have 20+ of us at one of my sister's homes on Christmas Eve and close to 30 of us at my brother's place for Christmas Day Dinner.

This year we will still celebrate together but we will do it via Zoom wth us scattered across our own 8 or 9 homes. My eldest sister said it best on a Facebook post. Her words "I'm proud to be a part of a (big) family in which we all love each other so much that there was no hesitation that we would stay apart this Christmas."

"Not only because doing so helps ensure we will ALL still be here for future family events but also so that each of our own friends and other people we will be interacting with in weeks to come - that they too will be safer because of what we are doing at Christmas."

So here is hoping that you and everyone you love have happy and safe holidays so that we can all enjoy this WONDERFUL WORLD for years to come including in crowded CFL stadiums or scenes like this. Cheers!


The same to you Pat