Merry Canadian Christmas to all!

ya you heard me!

have a great Merry CANADIAN Christmas! :slight_smile:

may everyone stay safe and have fun and be happy!

Ho, ho, ho,....... Merry Christmas to one and all.

Thanks cflisthebest. Same to you, and all the other posters.
Happy new year as well. :thup:

Merry Christmas to everyone during the festive season and also cheers of joy into the New Year.

.....Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all on the board.....May the New Year bring a Cup that truly runneths over.... AND it doesn't necessarily have to be Grey :thup:

ba humbug to the Toronto media, Clive Douchet,Eugene Melenuk, Larry Tannenbaum, and Phil Lind...
other wise Merry Christmas.


Right back at ya!!!! HoHoHo

Merry Christmas!!
I hope santa got my letter, I really want a new HC :slight_smile:

Like Santa....he should be arriving soon....the early New Year perhaps ...Cortez ????or Burke???? or a surprise :wink:


Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday! :smiley:

Merry Christmas!

Happy Festivus!