Merging With The XFL?...

So does the CFL change to a February to April schedule (good luck increasing ticket revenue) or does the XFL change to a June through November schedule overlapping with the NFL by months while having 7 out of 8 teams in existing markets?

Pick your poison…lol

On the topic, not a chance of a merge with the XFL.

That said, IF I was a billionaire owner of an NFL team, I would buy the MTL Alouettes.

IMO , this would give me another team to potentially develop more players.

supposedly this was discussed at one point…as well as a wider field. They tested the one yard gap and dropped it…but sounds like the no yards halo will be incorporated. I will give em credit…they are looking at lots of option. The 1, 2 and 3 point convert is interesting.

Can’t happen. Against NFL rules. They are not allowed to own any other football teams unless it is a same market Arena Football League team.

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merging with any league that does not play by our rules and have a Canadian ratio is verboten

I gotta tell ya , I’ve seen some pretty dumb polls and threads in here in my time BUT this one takes the cake . Really not surprising when one sees who the OP is though .

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I wonder if that is not intended to avoid an owner supporting an upstart/competitive league (more likely with a minority owner obviously) … a NFL team would laugh at the money it takes to run a CFL team if it gave them a player or two each year … but would the focus then be on development and not winning? … would that be in the best interest of the Alouettes/CFL? … would the CFL even allow it?

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If your going to merge with anybody its the NFL as a separate league but get a playoff spot most likely wild card every year .

You do this and your evaluations will go thru the roof .

The NFL doesn’t share any revenue for the regular season and only give you a negotiated portion for the playoff games with the CFL team is in .

You pay a one time entry fee of a billion for the playoff spot that is paid over 20 years .

The money that it gets in return will go thru the roof .

The NFL gets money without any share of revenue . They can now go global with a European playoff spot as well and place one in each conference

If I was MLSE I would see if there is any interest . The Argos will triple in value over night and go ten times in a couple of years .

It’s a win /win . For everyone except Can Culture and the three down game . But the CFL lives on without the firemen running around every few years .

If not fight the good fight and globalize the three down game as quickly as you can prudently with CFL 3.0 .

The last NFL expansion franchise (Houston) paid $700 million … by now it would likely be at least $1.5 billion per team … why would they throw away that kind of money and merge with the CFL?

Unlike an expansion franchise they don’t give the CFL any money except for the playoff games most likely a wild card with flipping home field games year to year . The expansion team gets NFL income a CFL merger with the super bowl playoff seed is not a true merger . There is no inter league cross over games . The Grey Cup winner gets a seed most likely a wild card seed .

So they are just inviting another league a berth to the Super Bowl seeding .

What is that worth ?

My feeling it’s around 1 billion .

Rogers , Tannenbaum and Bell are all invested in the NFL .

The NFL will want a team for the opposite conference . So thats 2 billion now together with a European seed in the playoffs .

NFL get to increase there footprint globally and make money .

So now the Toronto Argonauts have a chance at the super bowl .

I sell out that team out tommorow . Bell rights are worth more to advertisers .

They will have to negotiate with on going fee that maybe higher but I believe it’s an easier path than CFL.20 but it ends 3 down game as we know it .

Its a win/ win for both leagues . NFL doesn’t divide their pie and the CFL gets instant major league status with the Grey Cup winner getting a seed . Probably need to return to 16 games or even 14 .

Not True,

The same fellow who owns the Buffalo Bill’s also owns the Buffalo Sabre’s

So as a billionaire NFLowner, why not?

Pay 2 million for the AL’s , absorb the debt. Its peanuts for an NFL owner.

Almost seems crazy that they haven’t bought up CFL teams.

As in the NHL Sabres? Cuz that’s not football…in which case, not what I said

IF what you say is correct, then the Bill’s COULD purchase the Argo’s. Who has territory to Canada, no team legally, nor otherwisein the NFL. The AL’s are fair game.

I don’t want it to happen, but I sure would buy a team if I was a Billionaire NFL owner

It’s pretty simple…the NFL would tell them to choose which team to sell and if they didn’t they would choose for them.

A year or so ago…last fall I think actually…rules against owning a team in another sport in another market that had an NFL team were voted out. This was in place so that one owner was not chasing sports entertainment dollars in another NFL team’s back yard. They lifted that because guys like Stan Kroenke were just putting teams like the Avalanch into blind trusts to get around it…and frankly, the owners no longer cared…likely realizing it was possible for a lot of markets to have multiple sports teams now. Ownership of another football club potentially competing for $$$ was left in place though. I’m not going to look it up, but if you want to look into it, it is referred to as ‘NFL cross ownership.’ All that said…they could potentially ask the league for permission, and who knows.

more likely XFL would be our farm league

If the XFL plays 3 seasons as their current tv deals suggests, Vince McMahon is expected to lose at least $100 million per season. CFL could never handle that amount. That means McMahon could easily buy out the CFL if both sides agreed to it.