Merging With The XFL?...

I know a MILLION things would have to go right before the CFL would ever consider the possibility, but IF the XFL ever got its act together, would you be open to the XFL and CFL merging?

Is there an option that is less than never?

Actually, a million things would have to go WRONG for the CFL to consider it.

And no, I would not support it … it would mean fundamentally changing the character of the CFL going to US rules … and if the XFL were adopting CFL rules the issue of being unable to impose a Canadian/American ratio makes a massive Baltimore Stallions impact possible (and a US regional ratio might (a) not pass muster in the courts and/or (b) be able to restrict the talent pools to be comparable to the Canadian teams sharing CIS and Canadian NCAAers).

Besides, XFL’s TV contract gains nothing from adding Canadian cities … they would have no interest in CFL cities.


You mean wrong?

XFL partnering under CFL 2.0 is more realistic.

With James Wilder getting a WWE tryout, this is only the beginning. WWE superstars will join rosters under the Global player designation. 8)

Beforehand, Shane McMahon will buy the Als under his father’s nose the CFL Invasion angle begins with the goal of returning the Grey Cup back to US soil in exchange to the XFL converting to 3 downs. Then CFL 3.0 will begin.

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Limited player sharing maybe, but no more.

Lower ranked players or practice roster players be allowed to sign in both leagues to get more playing time.

Maybe watch and use some marketing ideas that might work in the XFL and try in the CFL.

I always find it amusing that people state American teams in the CFL would have a huge advantage over teams in Canada because of ratio. History with the expansion to American cities did not prove that to be the case at all.
The only thing which that expansion proved was how poorly most of the American teams were owned, organized and run outside of perhaps two.

If I understand it someone is asking if we should merge with XFL. I would never go into biz with McMahon if that is the question. (I’m a bit unclear because the OP is on my ignore list but I got the gist of things because of the quotes.)

Take it players when it folds after a year.

The poll is close. :wink:

Closer than I thought it would be lol

I’m just hoping the XFL comes and steals all of the CFL’s officials so the CFL can start from scratch with new ones.

Glad you are amused … CFL was handing out franchises to anyone with the $25 franchise fee … it was a blatant cash grab with (IMO) no expectation that teams would survive … so the CFL did not, for the most part, attract quality ownership … that lead to poor GMs who selected poor coaches … for the most the coaches part didn’t learn the CFL game and take advantage of its unique elements, and couldn’t adapt defences to counter those unique elements … BUT, to assume that the same mistakes would be repeated is IMO naive … unless you target idiots as owners they will look back and learn the lessons of why Baltimore was a stud and the other teams duds … I would be shocked if the past repeated itself.

Speaking personally and not at all for the league, I’d at least consider some inter-league play if they also played 3-down football.

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In defense of a merger with the XFL…

Canadian franchise values would rise considerably.
They’d have access to U.S. TV money.
Canadian teams would likely be profitable.
We would have less trouble finding new owners.
It might increase fan interest.

Just sayin… 8)

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NO, remember the AAF, CFL Southern expansion etc, etc.

No worries… I do NOT have a say in the matter. :slight_smile:

Merge with the NFL? Ok, that makes more sense than the XFL. The CFL merges with the XFL, yikes!!!

Why would they get any access to TV money to which they contribute nothing?

IF it were to happen I would expect each set of teams to have their own TV deal.