Merge Ottawa Rough Riders records with Renegades

I really liked the red wings on the Als' helmets and the stylized A with the reen uniforms from the 70's. Thanks for the info Kanga.

I think merging the stats of the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Renegades is just plain stupid because they are 2 completely different teams. Yes the Rough Riders had a great history just because the stats aren't combined with the Renegades doesn't mean the league has forgot about them. What the league should do is have a seperate section for teams that are not around anymore. So have the Ottawa Rough Riders the old Montreal Alouettes/Concordes/Alouettes because if you ask me the era prior to the team folding before the 1987 season was the same team that changed their name twice. Plus included in this section should also be the American teams except Baltimore because they moved to Montreal and the Stallions records should be merged with the current Alouette stats. So if any teams stats should be merged it should be the Stallions and the current Alouettes because the Stallions have more in common then the Alouettes of the passed do it was basically the same players just take out 15 or so Americans and add in 15 or so Canadians. A perfect example is Mike Pringle there is no way that his days with the Stallions should be seperated from his days in Montreal. One other thing putting the R back on the helmet is the dumbest idea I ever heard surely you could think of something better then a letter to put on a helmet I happen to like the logo of the Renegades a lot just because the Rough Riders are gone doesn't mean you should forget about them I haven't and I'm an Edmonton Eskimo fan 4 life.

SO, maybe you should just shut the hell up,and mind your own business if you're an Eskimos fan . I say, if anybody should change their name, it should be the Eskimos to the politically correct Edmonton Inuits and at the same time give them a new record book and eliminate all of their past. How would you like that ? I bet it would be a different story then. Besides, when have Eskimo fans ever given a hell about Ottawa teams anyway. I remember many times the Inuits running up the score on Ottawa teams and Hughie "the god" Campbell bitching, if Ottawa got any breaks that he didn't like. Man I hate the Eskimos and that A-hole Campbell.

......right $%#@ing on there go gurl..........those b@stards up north ('cept supertoe) deserve to have you rub their nose in it........teehee........

…like two letters, eh Einstein?..

I agree O_R_R_.
And it was Hughie who devised this cross-over rule because , whiningly, "It isn't fairrrrr".
Tony Gabriel hates the man too.
And to think, it was Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton who propogated Canadian pro football.

Go Rough, er, I mean Renegades go!

Thanks for the support RedandWhite & Supersmith.

You Ottawa fans like to bitch and whine don't you sorry but it's not my problem that Ottawa hasn't had a winning team in like 25 years and the fact that the three of you are the only ones who show up at the stadium to watch the Renegades and 4 the record if the Eskimos ever folded and then got a team back say 5 years later and decided to call them say the Inuit their stats should be kept seperate because it's not the same team. And I agree the double E isn't a very good logo to have on there helmet either I think they should put the bear paw on the side of there helmet you know the same one that they put on the hats you can buy at the store. And for the record the Renegades are my second favourite team just like the Rough Riders used to be.

putting an R on the gades helmet would be awesome, we dont need these fancy pants logos screwing up the league, go back to tradition, worry about football, not art.

Up until about 5 minutes ago I felt kinda bad for the Renegades.

Sorry RedandWhite, I gotta step outside my norm and put this idiot in "its" place

What the hell is a freakin' "Rough Rider" anyway? Some one who likes to get aggressively screwed from behind?(sorry Sask fans this is NOT directed at you AT ALL) And why the hell should we shut up? If you don' like it go whine to Horn Chen, no sorry Brad Watters, oh no sorry the Glieberguys. Talk about stability, NOT. I didn't see anyone saying to forget about your past although given what's gone on with the team in the last few years I'm not surprised that more people haven't forgotten about them in the first place.

And speaking of the first place, if your team had so much stinking tradition and were one of the founding fathers how the hell did you lose it in the first place? All two of the football fans in Ottawa should be gratefull just to have another shot at it and you're well on your way to screwing that up too! Are you related to gadescup or what?

You can enlighten me and tell me when the Rough Riders came into existence. I know when the Esks did. As far as Campbell bitching, ok if you say so. Not sure why he would bitch when we were running up the score on you except for maybe the fact that you can't provide a first class professional stadium for the Esks to play against you in.

You know what, I really don't know if Hughie was the driving force behind the cross-over, but whatever. If he was I'm sure there were many supporters (had to passed by the board of governors doughhead, or did you forget about that?) Doesn't matter whether you did or not. I'm sure the entire league was getting tired of Ottawa making the playoffs after only winning a few games in a season because the East was a weaker division at the time.

So what are you gonna tell me now, I should shut up? I am going to be here all season. For the record, I respect the Ottawa teams of old and have no problem with them merging the stats if that's what ends up happening. As far as Edmonton losing it's franchise, aint gonna happen so why should we worry about it. And our name, well the Inuit call themselves just that, the Inuit not Eskimos. 2scoops is entitled to his opinion just like you and I are entitled to ours. You wanna play the "I hate game?", I'll be here all season and am more than happy to oblige you. I can tell you one thing, the game coming up this Friday just took on a whole new meaning for me!

Lastly, the new logo and name are all about marketing. They are about selling the team and the game to a new generation of fans. Everybody is yapping about expansion in here, well it aint gonna happen people unless the league steps into the future and starts to aggressively sell itself. The new deal with Reebok is all about that.

If the football fan in Ottawa wanted to keep that R so bad they should have done more somehow someway to keep the team there. I am happy to talk football with you and after my prozac kicks in here I'm sure I will be able to do it much more eloquently, which sadly I don't think I will be able to say about you.

So which is it? You want to throw a tantrum and spew verbal diareahha or do want to discuss the issue like mature posters.


Hey Hughie, is that you ?

Next time have an opinion Supertoe.
Oh, btw, we do have a first class stadium in a first rate City.
If you're going to adopt the "Super" prefix, please show a little class in your "beefs". We "Supers" have standards you know. :shock:


Go Rear Riders, I mean Renegades Go!! Ouch!


1876 :slight_smile:

Let's see: 2 plus Supersmith plus me = 4 people at FCS not 2. :wink: Anyway, can't we all just get along?

That’s a 100% increase in attendance!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I can see the Alouettes and Concordes merging records, but I'm not so sure about the Stallions. For example the Stallions Grey Cup win should not be added to the Alouette total Grey Cup wins. Maybe I'm wrong on this. Let me know.

As far as the Eastern Riders go......long live the Ottawa Rough Riders. To me they will always be the Rough Riders. That is the heritage and tradition I grew up with even though I live in the West. Russ Jackson, Tony Gabriel, Ronnie Stewart, heck...even Damon Allen played with the big R on his helmet.

Please, we’re trying to forget. :evil:

Forget what? I believe they can get their name back. I said it earlier that someone needs to challenge the trade mark for none use. Last time I looked I don't recall Chen using the name with another football team. Legally it can be done. I can only believe it's not that important to the league to re-aquire the name or they would challenge Horn Chen. Hell, the fans could even challenge the trade mark. It's their heritage.

Finally, I have the time to respond to the B.S...

to 2scoops,

There is no such thing as a STUPID OR DUMB idea, only stupid and dumb people. You must be a very close-minded person. What burned me was your close- minded response. I apologize for telling you to "shut the hell up" because this is an open forum and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you perceive, creative, different,logical ideas or thinking “out of the box� as dumb and stupid, then, you are the one losing out my friend, because you have trouble accepting new concepts and therefore deprive yourself from growing.

Now onto Mr. Supertoe:(whatever the hell Supertoe means):

I don’t appreciate your intimidating, arrogant nature with the comment “ I’ll be here all season and more than happy to oblige you�. Is this the way you deal with people who have an opinion that you don’t agree with ? You respond by acting like a bully, or an enforcer ? Who the hell are you anyways and who do you think you are ? The king of this forum ? So, am I supposed to be scared or shitting myself because the Mighty SUPERTOE says he, no, “IT�, will be lurking around as the forum monitor/tough guy all year. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think. I looked up some of your 260 or so posts, and before sticking your righteous nose into everything maybe you should look into the mirror. You seem to think you’re the end all and be all to this forum. Besides, why do you apologize and “step out of your norm and put this idiot in “its� place. This behaviour IS your norm, from what I can gather. You say, “What is a Rough Rider anyway ? Some one who likes to get aggressively screwed from behind ? What was that you said about being mature posters ? Yeah, real mature Supertoe, real mature. You have the nerve to lament ...�I am happy to talk football with you and after my prozac kicks in here I’m sure I will be able to do it much more eloquently, which sadly I don’t think I will be able to say about you.� You know what my answer is ? Who asked you? You’re the one who decided to impose your opinion on this thread. Oh yeah, the name calling .The word “dough-head�, notice, it is spelled colloquially as TWO words not one word. Doughead is someone named Doug, with a head, eh, Mr. Eloquent. Mr. Mature. Do you think , that by writing a long response that no one will retort YOUR verbal diarreah ? For your information,did you notice the spelling of d-i-a-r-r-e-a-h, Mr. Eloquent ? Did you not read all of the threads on this subject before opening your big, egotistic mouth ? I already explained why it was not the Ottawa fans’ fault that the Ottawa Rough Riders folded. Hugh Campbell was part of the CFL Board of Governors when all the deadbeat owners were approved . Open your eyes, Hugh Campbell runs this league. He has had a hand in running it for a long time. The Eskimos and Campbell have been responsible for a lot of problems of the CFL.. They have always been self-serving and have had too much of an impact on the league as a whole over the years. Do you really think that it was good for the league that the East was so weak , and the Eskimos were in the Grey Cup for 9 out of 10 years from 1973 - 1982 ? The Eskimos have had too much control and to much say in league matters for too long. In closing, I am asking you, if you want to have a mature discussion about football or just spew B.S. ?

Wow. Guess you told me eh. I don't have the time to respond in kind, I certainly intend to address your post asap. For now I will offer an apology for calling you an idiot and a dough-head and for the imature remarks that I made (and for the spelling mistakes). You are right that they weren't necessary.

I will not apologize for having an opinion that is different than yours although I certainly could have expressed it differently. I actually did feel bad for that and I am glad you called me out on it. There is a reason I reacted that way and I will explain it fully in my next post to you.

As far as the nickname "Supertoe" goes. Edmonton fans should recognize it, but doesn't surprise me that fans in other cities don't. That was the nickname for long time standout kicker, Dave Cutler. The media used it regularly as well as the fans when we cheered for him in the stands. I thought it was unique and totally Eskimo related and didn't see the harm in borrowing it.

Keep an eye out and I will be posting to respond to your other concerns. In the meantime, have a nice day.