Merge Ottawa Rough Riders records with Renegades

It really pisses me off that the Ottawa Renegades records and Ottawa Rough Riders records have not been merged. How can the CFL consider them 2 different franchises. Sometimes, it's as if Jackson , Gabriel and the boys never existed. If you remember, the CFL revoked the Ottawa Rough Riders franchise from Chen, so doesn't that mean the Renegade franchise is the Riders franchise re-instated. Aren't all Montreal Alouettes/Concordes/Stallions incarnations record books merged ? TO LONIE AND BERNIE: BRING BACK THE R ON OTTAWA'S HELMET, MERGE THE RECORDS AND BUY THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY BACK FROM HORN CHEN.

It might have something to do with the law.

If a team doesn't hold the rights to a former name, it probably can't attribute itself the accomplishments of that other former team.

But I really say that without knowing if it makes sense. Any lawyer in the room?

That big woman from the View comes to mind. Anyone know her?

Makes sence to me

I agree O_R_R. And to think, most of the major events during Grey Cup Week here in the Cap involved former Rough Rider greats, including, which I attended, Induction Ceremoies to install Tom Clements, Rick Cassatta, Conredge Holloway, and J.C. (what a speaker) Watts into Ottawa's Sports Hall of Fame.
Man what an evening!
Does it really matter what any other city thinks of our great sports history? As long as we do. But I do agree, pay Horn O'plenty off, that Mo' Fo'.

You have my vote. message to the cfl:


but keep the renegades moniker.

i think the cfl should at least foot half of the bill to pay off horn chen, after all it was the cfl board of govenors who let chen own the team. bad choice on their part, so they should pay for their mistake as well.

i think they should be seperate, the team didnt exist for a while, and now they are a whole new team....just keep em seperate

i disagree also. if they didn’t give al als their history back, then we could argue that ottawa shouldn’t also, but they did!

this happened also with the cleveland browns if you remember.

what was the period of time when those teams werent teams?

I think that I am prob playing with words but the records and stats are for two different teams. As long as they have different names then they are different teams.
If for example the ticats were to fold and be replaced the same day by a team called they x's the stats should not be combined because the x's are not the cats and vice versa. The stats are for the "riders and or the renegades" and not for "the team that plays in Ottawa"

All that being said and done I hope they get back their old name.

any examples

So it that all you got? :shock:

I assume that records for these teams are combined?

All I can say is that again maybe I’m playing with words but these were all teams that changed their names as opposed to folding and having a new team come in later.

Also I dont think any team would want to change if they could not bring their records with them

That I could not answer althought I doubt they had any stats worth bringing

I own a couple of trade marks myself and it is my understanding that if a trade marks isn't being used, after a certain amount of time it can be challenged. Someone in Ottawa should do just that and challenge for lack of use. :idea:

ro1313 thanks for the great link regarding team historical highlights

Sept 16, 1867: Two non-organized clubs, the Rough Riders and the Senators, play in the earliest game on record played in the Ottawa region. Records vaguely seem to indicate that the Rough Riders were named for the lumberjacks who rode down the rapids of the Ottawa River."

Well fellow posters, looks like proof once again....the Ottawa Rough Rider name in Ottawa goes waaaaaay back. To put this into perspective my friends that is the SAME year George A. Custer was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in the 7th Cavalry. Exactly 9 years later the Ottawa Football Club was OFFICIALLY formed to battle on the gridiron while in that same year Custer fought a different battle at Little Big Horn.

Long live the Rough Riders..

Then, are the Alouettes, the Alouettes?

The CFL board of Governors are completely to blame for Ottawa fans losing the Rough Riders. We should never have lost them. There were 22,000 fans + at the final Rough Riders home game at Lansdowne Park in 1996. I know, I attended. The franchise was REVOKED, meaning, it was taken away from Horn Chen because Chen no longer paid the bills. The CFL took the team over and paid the bills and bitched about doing it. If they had been smart, they should have made CHen sign over the rights in return. CFL, GIVE US OUR HISTORY BACK. I wonder how Eskimos 32001, would feel like, if the Eskimos were renamed, the Inuits. Would he want the record book changed for the ESKS ? Walk a mile in our shoes, brother. Then you will understand. The Riders had more Grey Cups than Edmonton up until only a few years ago. They had a storied franchise just like the Eskimos. Why should Ottawa fans get shafted again by the CFL. Remember the 1981 Grey Cup game and the Tony Gabriel double interference call ? Ottawa fans got shafted because Hughie and the boys were always picking DEADBEAT OWNERS.


I don't remember where I saw the I, II, III mentioned but the Alouettes I were the original franchise that Nelson Skalbania ran into the ground, in the 80's, the Concordes changed their names back to Alouettes II to get fans back, and the Stallions became the Alouettes III. Aren't they all merged into one record book ? Can someone confirm that ?

If you visit the "Records" section of the Alouettes' website, you see a lot of records that date back to the 1940's, 1970's, etc. So yeah, I guess the history books of all the Alouettes editions merged.

I ment that the the Als would not wat the concorde records
I am not sure what you are asking me but the way I see it is yes the Als are the Als but the renagades are not the roughriders.