Merge NFL Europe with the CFL?

Bad idea.

If it means we have to go to US rules, then I'm gone as a CFL fan. I have no interest at all in watching second rate US football. Neither do Europeans by all acconuts, that's why it's a bit of a flop there.

Even if they converted to CFL rules in Europe, I still think it's a bad idea. NFLE is a financial drain, and we would become little more than a NFL farm league if we merged with them. If the NFL is looking at bailing out of Europe, I don't see why they would want to spend even more to help out the CFL piece of it. We'll sink with that ship, sooner or later.

As for the "grow or die" concept, we have some growing to do in Canada.... attendance, teams, ancillary revenues. Growing by being absorbed into the NFL farm system is not an improvement in my view.

Maybe the governing body for Australian Rules football might want to consider merging with NFLE? If it's such a good idea, let them have it.

I agree, our main rules that make us what we are should be kept without a doubt. But maybe we could be in a league with our own division and play the champs of the other division, the NFL Europe champs, and play each others rules every year, like in MLB with the National and American leagues and the DH. I think this might be workable and fun and help expose our game more internationally. Might be neat.

I would have no objections to a very careful probe into this situation. At the moment, I am neither for nor against a merge with NFLE.

Meetings would have to take place between the three leagues that would be involved to go over all the variables mentioned in this thread and many that were not.

Before I poo poo the situation, I would want to see a concrete proposal on the table and of course, if possible, I would like to retain our Canadian game in terms of field size, extra man, 3 downs, etc. I doubt that this would be possible, but I would still be okay with it if it would give involved franchises more stability and increased profits.

I would proceed very cautiously on this one.

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Good one, Mark. nyuk nyuk

Bob, the very idea! You starting another expansion thread. :lol:

I still like the idea of Portland and Harrisburg (for the Baltimore fans).
I wonder what Bill Gates is doing with his pocket change these days, out in Oregon. :slight_smile:

NFLE would have to change their schedule to the summer and fall. Don't know if they could compete with Soccer in the fall over there.

Agreed. The same thing happens when a big British or Italian club plays in Toronto. Suddenly there are 30,000 people willing to pay $100/ticket for soccer who won't pay $10 to watch local teams. It's the brand and the event at work.

That said, I do have two suggestions for "European" teams that could join the CFL -- Greenland and St Pierre & Miquelon. They'd certainly keep the travel costs down. But would they find enough Danish and French starters to meet the non-import rules?

One of the things that intrigues me about Canadian football is that it tells a story that is uniquely Canadian, that I can relate with. Canadian rules football was invented by Canadians and subsequently players from the Canadian rules amateur system move on to the professional ranks, in the CFL. They come from schools that I have heard of and even attended. Places i've been to and have lived in. Rivalries in which I can understand the hatred, and be a part of.

Canadian NHL teams are some of the worst draws in U.S NHL markets. Fans simply cant get excited about cities they dont know about and european names they cant pronounce. A reason I feel the league is failling in the southern U.S is that it doesn't tell a story that those fans can get behind. A bunch of French-Canadians and Swedes with names I cant pronounce, that may not know english, from places i've never heard of, that played for junior teams from even more obscure places. No wonder they dont care.

the same would be the case for a European team coming to Canada. Frankfurt Galaxy vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers, with a bunch of Americans who would only really be playing for thelselves and a shot at the NFL, doesn't pump my nuts up as much as one would think.


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Oski Wee Wee,

Well I'm sure there are a lot of fans like myself who are also tired of seeing the same teams playing each other all the time. It's hard to get excited about an Argo/ticat game when they play 6 times a year. Even though the league is doing ok doesn't mean the league still isn't in a rut. For an 8 team league I think it's at it's peak as far as fan support, the only way to stimulate things and draw more fans is to go for bold move like this, not something boring like expanding to Ottawa.


Caretaker, you haven’t been spending time with Ricky Williams have you?

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CFL or NFL rules?

Firstly I have a question:

Do NFLe teams have player continuity or are they completely re-drafted every year?

Secondly... I guess I would say that if NFLe did have some measure of player continuity for its teams, I'd respect it as a legitimate competition as opposed to a pure NFL feeder system.

In that case... I wouldn't mind seeing a 2 game series between the Grey Cup and World Bowl Champs... one here in Canada with Canadian rules... the other in Europe with NFLe rules.

There'd be the sticky issues with the player associations and roster requirements for each game but I think that would be some healthy competition.

Personally I think the CFL teams would stick it to them in the Canadian game and steal one in the American game.

I'd be excited. And I think if the world realized that there was a healthy and strong league of teams in gridiron football in Canada... people might embrace it as more of an international game.

Oh and as far as a complete merger goes... I dunno. I'd like to see a day when football is played more internationally in a system more akin to FIFA and soccer with national federations with their own leagues. From time to time you could have international club competitions.

Right now I think the only possibility is to stage an exhibition aggregate series between the top teams in Canada's CFL and Germany's NFLe.

I don't see NFL teams comming down to play their feeder league.

re-borehamgirl-wrote--Would the NFLE guys be capable of playing the 3 down game on the larger field?? Wink Compromising any of the aspects of the Canadian game is NOT an option.

very good point BG , Imo Canadian football is more Internationale than U,S football, and would be a better sell in Europe :thup: ---

I agree with you about playing the same team 6 times a year. It can get a little redundant. I'm all for adding more teams no matter where they are located. I just think that instead of looking to Europe, why not go to US cities close to the border first? As for oversees, I've always wondered why the league hasn't tried to stage a pre-season in either Europe or Asia. I think you would bring in more fans than what we draw in Canada for pre-season games.

The 100th Grey cup comes to mind, it should be a WORLDWIDE EVENT!!

With IDEAS like this - from a member of the BoG, no less - is it ANY WONDER why the CFL is in a PERPETUAL state of flux ?

The Fr-Eakin League can't get it together in the Nations Captial - and I'm to CONSIDER European Expansion !!??

Are you Knukin' Futz !!?


NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :cowboy: