Merge NFL Europe with the CFL?

To keep us entertained while we wait for training camp to start, here's a thought:

  1. The NFL is losing their shirt on NFL Europe. They need a new strategy to give it credibility.

  2. The CFL needs a 9th and 10th teams, but we are short on suitable stadiums here in Canada.

  3. We don't want to compete with the NFL in the US.

How about we merge with NFL Europe?

What'dya think?

:-) :-)

Does this mean no train trips?

Dunno, let's not rush into anything lets have a look at the books like Mr. Palmer did.

Would the NFLE guys be capable of playing the 3 down game on the larger field?? :wink: Compromising any of the aspects of the Canadian game is NOT an option.

halifax, QC and ottawa....those are the only places i want to see the CFL expand to.

I think Bob is enjoying Molson's new sponsorship just a little too much. :lol:

If it's posible then go for it, merge with NFLGERMANY.

I agree Drexl and I disagree with Borehamgirl. Sometimes some changes are required to be strong and grow otherwise you go the way of, you guessed it, the dodo bird perhaps. Life is about change especially in this day and age. Not change for change sakes but change for value sakes.

Perhaps the underlying message from our Caretaker here is that there really is no Canadian expansion on the horizon, reading between the lines perhaps.

The CFL with a European flair, I like it. :thup:

Sorry Bob. I'm against it, and not because I worry about the integrity of our game. I just think it wouldn't work because if the NFL can't make it work with their bags of money, what makes us think the CFL can?

I think the long and short of it is, Europeans will never fully take to our brand of football and it will always be regarded as a lower form when compared to soccer or rugby.

Some people who read between the lines.

come up with conspiracy theories

...that'd be entertaining, too,

keep us posted if you think of one, Earl.

thats what message i got too, earl....the cfl BOG's have given up on expansion and are now just throwin out crazy ideas as jokes.

It didn't work out for the WLAF (World League of American Football) back in the early 90s because of the long travel costs. I would like to see this happen, but in a business sense, it's not cost effective.

However, the NFL could add a team or two in Canada and maybe Mexico.

Hmmm, 40,000 seats sold in a jiffy in London for the NFL game and they won't take to our football? MLS is slowly working here. If we merged with NFL Europe and had some financial backing from the NFL along with this, this could be sweet and also Canada is helping the sport of gridiron football go more global. London will probably get an NFL team or at least NFL games regularly soon with that new stadium they have. Gridiron football might carve a niche out there, why not be part of it if the NFL is willing to help financially?

Will do Ron. :wink:

NFL game at Wembley proves to be hot ticket

The first 40,000 tickets for the Oct. 28 game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants at the new Wembley Stadium sold in 90 minutes Wednesday...

[url=] ... 1899c.html[/url]

This ain't no joke drummer, believe me.

I as well, got very suspicious when I noticed it was the caretaker suggesting this.....

The reason the NFL London game is selling out quickly is because it's an 'event'. Odds are 99.9% of patrons have never seen a live gridiron football game and want to see what it's all about. The NFL is a well identified brand around the world.

I feel that this merger could alienate some fans in Canada. imagine if the B.C Lions were playing Berlin in Berlin with a 7 pm start time, that's 10am BC time. Would the league's core market (Canada) really take interest in a Moscow vs. Frankfurt Grey cup ? Would anyone in Europe ? What of the ratio ?

I think it would also solidify the new league's status as a true 'farm system' to the NFL. Which I would not enjoy. I disagree with this proposition.

True, the way I'd see it working is if it was set up similar to the MLB where you'd pretty much have 2 leagues, with each team playing only 4 games against the other leagues teams. That way each CFL team would only have to go overseas once a year and only have to play 2 games while there.

You could just make the Canadian playoff finals the Grey cup game, with another championship game for the Grey cup champs against Euro champs.

And you could just get rid of the ratio, go with the old best man for the job system, but I guess something like that isn't considered fare.

The NFL is a well identified brand around the world.

And therefore you don't want to alienate yourself from this brand in any way if you are basically in the same business and same game. Ok to be distinctive to an extent like the CFL is but THE brand that most people think of when speaking of gridiron football is the NFL. You want to use them whatever chance you get if possible to help your brand, CFL, be recognized for what it is, particularly if the NFL is reaching out saying "we want to help you grow." Let's not be fools and put ourselves in our small CFL silo, let's reach out with the big boy who just might be willing to help us. It's like Vegas, most of the hotels and casino's are in the same area, go from one to another, the miracle mile, shop around and use each other to get people to town. Use Vegas for your show type of thing.

Absolutely not !!!!
The NFL Will Fold Europe
But Hold on to it Rights
They then for ask for Ton Money and Rights to our league as Well.

The NFL Will Want Turn us into NFL Clone League.

Say Good Bye Everything that make CFL a Great League

Larger Field
Where Goal Post Are
12 Men gone
3 Downs
We will Become a Spring League ..

this would be the Worst Mistake we could make.
for what a Few More Teams

Absolutely not !!!!

No expansion in CFL of sorts = no growth = eventually little interest in the league = lower TV contracts = fewer young people watching with increased variety of sports available = death of CFL.

But hey, whatever people want, that's fine.

Getting too big is also A Problem..
Less Money to be shared
More People making Decisions.
Less Corporations the Bog has Problem now Agreeing to anything .. add 10 More teams and See the mess.

Smaller is Better