Merci Paul!

Il semblerait que Paul Lambert aurait demandé à être libéré et que les Alouettes auraient accepté.

Lambert a rendu de bons services à l'équipe. Il était un bon coéquipier qui ne ménageait pas ses efforts pour le bien de l'équipe.

Bonne chance dans tes nouvelles aventures, et merci, Paul!

Yes, good luck to Lambert in all his future endeavors. He was a good soldier on the O-line and part of a winning tradition here for a long time. :thup:

I`m having a hard time wishing Paul Lambert good luck, because I feel he should still be a member of the team.

Steenbergen and Matte deserve their shot, but who backs up centre if Brodeur-Jourdain goes down? Seagraves is also gone.

Lambert has been a loyal soldier, can play guard or centre, and the team should have tried harder at a compromise to keep him around.

The only good thing this move tells me is that the team must feel confident they will not lose Josh Bourke to the NFL this year.

The team did want him back ... just not making starter money. Lambert didn't want to take a paycut to stick around as LBJ's backup, so he asked for his release. You can't blame him, nor can you blame the organization. Football is a business, and both sides have to look out for themselves.

Let's face it: Lambert was the weak link in the past two years. He was average at left guard in 2009, and poor at center in 2010. Woodruff has been a horse since taking over left guard; LBJ has proven that he belongs at center; we have scads of young O-line talent waiting for their shot; and there's nothing to stop us from going out and signing a veteran to back up LBJ once bigger pieces of the puzzle (Cobourne, Brown) are squared away. Where do you fit Lambert in? It doesn't make sense to pay him more money just to sit on the bench in case injury strikes.

Paul can still play, the problem is that he lost his starter's job and the Oline issues the team had early in the year vanished when LBJ and Woody took over. At that point Paul becomes a backup. Five years ago Jim could have burried his salary, now he can't.