Merci, Montreal!

As a TiCat fan I just had to say.... Thanks!

I flew into Montreal for the game on Thursday night and, even in defeat (and Porter Air leaving my bicycle in Montreal.....which they quickly rectified.... BTW!), had a fantastic time.

I wore my TiCats Jimmy Edwards' jersey and received nothing but high fives from you guys! I was kinda' worried heading up Av. Du Parc but, was pleasantly surprised by the class and courtesy that Alouette fans showed. Nothing but good-natured ribbing and beers all around!

And, WHAT A STADE, you have! Cherish it! Which you all seem to do.

Just a nice evening.... words can't describe! Hopefully, I'll be back for an Eastern Final sometime soon!


:thup: :thup: :thup:

Very classy post. Respect.

Your team is for real this year, and this was one of the most competitive games I've seen thus far.

I am glad you were treated with respect, people are usually there to have fun at Molson.

I love the CFL!!!

I'm happy to see a post from someone from out of town who had a good time. Montreal fans always have respect for Hamilton. I personally have a great time at Hamilton's Grey Cup parties ( and Sasks), and always meet fun Cats fans. If you ever meet a few bad apples from our bunch...don't let that faze you into thinking that we are all like that. I hope that good karma will reward me one day if I ever see a game in Hamilton. The last Hamilton game in Montreal ( last year), Tigercat ball caps were for sale , I bought one to add to my CFL collection. That's the only time that I saw Montreal sell another teams merch at the game.

One of these days I will get to a Montreal/Hamilton game in Montreal for sure. The Grey Cup was great last year but have to get there to see my team in action.

Hey Earl where you also at the GC last year in Montreal?
I was and my dream continues to see a regular season game at that jewel, Molson stadium.

Yes argotom, the wife and me were there, had a great time.

Molson Stadium even has a track around it I think and yet I don't hear anyone complaining unlike here in Hamilton if we get a new stadium with the Pan-Am Games some people on the board have said the track would be horrible for football. Doesn't seem to be the case at Molson Stadium it seems.