Would love to spend some money on merchandise but to ship it to the states is almost as much as the purchases. Is there a better way ?

I’m in Ottawa … some friends have P.O. boxes due south, just across the border, in Ogdensburg New York … don’t know if it is worth it for one order, but if you are near the border perhaps someone you know has one … you may also want to see if they7 will ship using Canada Post … I know the shipping and even “handling” (Customs clearance, duties, etc.) tend to be less if US sites ship via USPS.

With the exchange rate its still that expensive?

I would say that Ebay would be your best option, maybe Amazon?

When people talk about the cost of shipping there is the transportation cost (courier or mail) but most companies use couriers and when the goods cross borders those companies add on “brokerage fees” for doing the Customs paperwork and they also assess the duties owing, at which they are TERRIBLE … usually overcharging.

Almost always better to ask companies to use Canada Post to the States and USPS to Canada.

Any word on when the New Era merch will roll out?

Might wanna wait til it does