Merchandise Store is live!

A few more items are available.

Colours are pretty much identical to the Riders. Black and White would have been the way to go... But I guess Hunt's Nickname you are pretty limited...

Does the CFL own the Rough Rider name? Will they ever provide Rough Rider merchandise?

Would love to get a Rough Rider jacket.

Those prices are shameful. :frowning:

I don't think they will while they are trying to establish the RedBlacks brand. Can you imagine if Rough Riders stuff outsold RedBlacks stuff decisively? Taht wouldn't reflect very well on the new name/logo and OSEG won't take the chance of that happening.

At best, if there's a throwback game, they might make it available then, but there's been no talk of that for months.

Are they not on par with the rest of the league?

Fair enough but they are ALL shameful.

I will wait for the Throwback game and the get myself a nice Rough Rider Winter Jacket. :slight_smile:

You make a good point.

Just ordered the ringer t shirt. :smiley: