Merchandise seggestions for 2010 season

It's just under a week away from another awesome CFL season ending and I got to thinkng "What would I like to see the CFL sell in their store next year"? With the CFL asking us the fans for rule changes, I thought that maybe we should suggest some merchandise ideas for next year as well. So let me get this thread started....

I have on many occasions over the last couple seasons asked for one particular item and I will suggest it again.


A jersey that is similar to what the players wear on field. A jersey made with a thicker material and crested logos and team names. The ONLY difference beween these and what the players wear is the players jerseys are meant to be tight fitting and the ones available to fans would fit like a replica you get in any store. I have never understood why these have never been made available? The official CFL game ball is available! Pro style Riddell helmets are made available for purchase, why not pro style jersey? Heck to go further, they have come out with items that I'm almost positive aren't flying of the shelves at a feverish pace such as team logo'd golf bags and team logo'd BBQ covers. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking those products BUT I can almost assure you the CFL store is not making a killing of those.

Any other suggestion?

If I may, I'd just like to make one change to your suggestion, OP:

No advertising crests either. I don't want my jersey reminding me to go to Scotiabank before I have to go to Rona. :wink:


That's fine too. Now I would hope that would be an option to pay a little exra for the fans that do want those crests because there are fans who would like those. Myself included :oops:

I also forgot to mention that the end of the sleeves would have elastic in it. So the jersey would look like a loose fitting QB or WR jersey.

Contact your area CFL team. They may do custom jerseys on the side (either through the pro-shop, or out of the equipment managers office). The Bombers are doing them (in Home Blue, Away White, and 3rd gold). You can get you fav players or go for your own name/number combo. They call them “pro decorated” replicas. Go to the jersey section of the store at and see.

Hockey jerseys for all teams with the logo on the front,enough said. :lol:

Yes i know the BB's have a practise white jersey,but I want ones that somewhat resemble the CFL ones the players wear on the field.

i took my argos jersey ( #15 tony miles ) to 'stitch it', and they put an elastic in the sleeve, cuz i dont like that big baggy sleeve look either.

replica jerseys with stitched name and number already costs about $200 ( the only thing stopping me from owning more than an argos jersey )!!!..i'd hate to see the price tag on the jerseys your talkin about, stevextreme.

I like the hockey jersey idea. I’ve seen a few Rider hockey jerseys around Taylor Field (different types no less). Some look good, but some don’t.

If done right, its a great idea.

I want a really nice CFL leather jacket that isn't festooned with dozens of logos. Just a classy black or brown one with a tastefully small old-style CFL logo would be cool :slight_smile:

Set of Team shot glasses showing all the different logos through history. Not sure how many logo changes the riders did over the last 50 years but a set of 8 - 10 of the different logos would be cool....that or the same as beer mugs of hi-ball glasses.

I'd like to see more shorts and sweat pants.
I mean how many caps and jerseys can you make.

I would like to see a Big and Tall line, im a big guy and would like to see some larger merchandise.

I couldn't see them being more than $300. Now yes, that maybe pricey but as someone who owns home and road NY Jets NFL jerseys in that style, I must say you get what you pay for and they are a way better quality than the standard replica.

I like to see that sponsor patches are avialble because here in Edmonton you can't find Rona and Scotiabank patches. The only thing is, those are just standard replica Bomber jerseys with crested numbers and the sponsor patches. The BluBomber name and logo on the sleeve are silk screened.

Here's an example of a NFL pro style jersey using the Miami Dolphins home jersey.

Now like the Bomber jersey, the numbers are crested. The differences now...

  • Notice the end of the sleeves, they aren't loose like the standard replicas.
  • The material is a thicker and higher quality.
  • They fit a little more snug,not tight like the players wear but not as loose as a standard replica (unless you order a larger size than you would normally wear).
  • The "Dolphins" name on the chest and the Dolphins logos as well as the Reebok logos on the sleeves are actual crests and not silk screened on.

I agree with you on one thing, they do make WAY TOO MANY CAPS!

T-shirts in cases of beer.

The alouettes dont have it on there website but the pro decorated is available!

Absolutely. That is definitely something the CFL should get on board with Molsons.