Merchandise at Away Games

I'm going to the Saskatchewan v. Hamilton game at Ivor Wynne on October 31, but I don't have any Rider gear to show my pride. Does anyone know if the Riders bring any merchandise with them to sell at away games, or should I buy something from the online store?

ummm Im not 100% sure but I have never seen opposing team gear for sale at home games so I would doubt best be sure i buy online probally cheaper too!

I really have no idea if they sell stuff at Ivor Wynne but at this last game in Regina there was an Eskimo booth right outside the West side stands. On the north side of the entrance. But that was the first time I have noticed such a thing. I would bet you though that you could get some gear somewhere in Hamilton. Sport Chek, Canadian Tire, Jersey City, Sport Mart, Walmart, would be places to go. Rider merchandise amounts for 53% of the leagues, so I am sure they sell it outside the province. Or use the online store.

last year i bought a rider jersey at commonwealth! i thought it was pretty funny they had a rider booth, but i dont know if they would have it anywhere else???

Lots of time to order and I have always found the shipping pretty quick. Also has a decent Fantuz retro jersey for $110 ... =12&pos=12

Funny this topic is up, I just got back from Commonwealth and found it weird that I saw Rider gear on sale there. It just seemed foreign to me.

in Edmonton… when you go into the stores that sell CFL merchandise…

there is always Saskatchwan Roughriders stuff with the Esks stuff…

the funny thing is??? :lol: that the Riders stuff always sells out!!

you can never find the right size because they’ve been bought already!