Mercer Timmis

With the great play currently of RB Alex Green and Thomas Erlington used more in a back up role, it would be great to see Mercer Timmis used more on kick and punt returns? Or possibly Timmis and Earlington together as the Duo Canadian return guys?

I think this local Canadian player from the area Timmis has a great talent of finding the open space and the end zone to run to, certainly has the speed and ability. Mercer Timmis only appeared in a few games at the start of the year in Greens absence due to injury, yet Timmis has like 4 TD’s?

The Cats coaching and special teams have been trying a rotation each week of several different players to try out in this area.

I think Timmis has the potential to be a great returner if given the opportunity and work his way into the offence as a RB and receiver on certain plays.


Well suited for kickoff returns. Not the traditional PR guy. Give me the smaller quick guys for this.

I can’t remember if they’ve had him returning kickoff at all this year. If not, it could just be that he hasn’t gotten the hang of catching them.

Kickoffs, punts, rotational RB, the coaches need to find a way for him to contribute more. Seems like the Cats are wasting a valuable asset keeping him parked beside the Gatorade cooler.

He was back there against Toronto, but they kicked to Thomas-Erlington.

OK, thanks. In that case, I agree, let’s see more of him back there - on kickoffs.

I’ve noticed that Timmis does come in the game when Green is going out and they are using the extra receiver. Probably for ratio purposes, and rarely,okay, never, do they go to him, but you do see him in the formations from time to time. Maybe he will be involved in one of those ‘trick’ plays one game?

Poor Timmis. Hopefully when his contract expires, he signs on with a team that will play a Canadian RB. I think even if Green got injured, Jones would play White over Timmis.

seems like he’s still getting snaps. Can’t argue with giving Green the reps over Timmis though, he’s been everything you could ask out of a rb lately.

Gotta assume that STE is getting more reps than Timmis because he’s a better receiver though.

(just going off of June Jones’s presser about a week ago where he said he really likes how former running backs fit into his system at receiver. something about knowing how to run to space or some such.)