Mercer Timmis

A great read here about Mercer Timmis

A Ticat draft pick 92 years in the making

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A touching story for sure.

I will always have a place in my heart for Brian Timmis stadium. I first moved to the Hammer in the spring of 1994, and spent a lot of time there watching Ticat camp and practices. I was an assistant coach at Scott Park then also.

Awesome story. I'm excited Mercer was drafted by the Cats. Here's hoping he makes the team.
All the best, let's make your surname famous again!

Mercer Timmis, sounds good to me. if we ever see him :thup: :cowboy:

Let's hope Mercehr can live up to his very famous family name. He has some large boots to fill. I'm sure that along with his joy of being selected by the Ticats, he understands that there is plenty of pressure here to occupy his mind and body. Take it all in your stride Mercer and realize that if you fail, it's okay, as long as you give your efforts to be a Ticat all you've got.

Today's game is quie different from the game your ancestors played....Players are bigger, stronger and faster now then in their day, possibly with the advent of steroids and other player enhancement drugs. :smiley: Go ahead and put pressure on yourself, but not to the point of losing your sanity. :