Mercer Timmis Potential

Mercer Timmis, to me could potentially be a star for us down the line having seen
his talents at the USports level. With a combination of size and speed
I'm wondering if anyone else sees this back and can see a healthy Jesse Lumsden ?

HT: 6'1
WT: 220 lbs
40-Yard: 4.7
Draft: 14th Overall (Tiger-Cats)

HT: 6'1/6'2
WT: 226lbs
40-Yard: 4.4
Draft: 6th Overall (Tiger-Cats)[/u][/b]

Given the comparison, is it time that we maybe give Timmis some more touches going into his sophmore season ?

Wondering what others think of this...

I wonder if he will quit the team to bobsled too?

Hope he can stay healthy and happy in Hamilton. Love to have a Cornish or Messam type ratio buster at running back. Maybe a few more touches will show if he has the ability, and, also spare Gable some hits?

I don't think it will happen with Austins offence. It is a shame. He has speed and size. Look what that young kid (too lazy to look up his name) did for Ottawa late in the season . Ran all over people.
I think most of us feel we need a running game to help our O line and give our QB's a chance when passing.
I for one would like them to at give it a go early in the season to see what we can do. Worst case we go back to what hasn't really worked consistently for us....pass..pass..pass. :smiley:

Kienan Lafrance is the guy who got the RedBlacks into the Grey Cup with his running, through the snow, in the Eastern Final. Turning 26 this spring, he'll be a good free agent pickup for any team looking to operate with a NAT backfield and I've read, and expect, that he'll likely be teamed up with, or backing up, Andrew Harris in his hometown this summer.

Timmis is 2" taller, 20 lbs. heavier, and 6 years younger than Anthony Woodson, whose contract hasn't been extended, or announced as such. I could see him, more likely, taking over that spot as Gable's regular backup this season.

I was hoping he would be another Jesse Lumsden, but I getting the feeling he's another Daryl Stevenson. Great at the CIS level, but lacks the acceleration to excel at the CFL level.

Hope he proves me wrong and turns out to be a great player.

I 100% agree. He's a star in the making.
Some CFL teams are starting to realize that the top Can O-line draftees are going NFL. and they have to get their heads around adjusting their decades old roster biases.
The real ratio busters are Canadian RB and receivers.
Start the best 5 you can find on the O-line regardless of passports.

If you can't protect Collaros it matters little what an Import RB can give you.

You need 7 Can starters across both sides. You do not have tostart with the preconceived notion that the O-line cluster has to be the first target for the bulk of that number.

I agree with Lenny. I wish Austin would shift to a more balanced style offence. Find some horse of a running back like what Cornish was and keep the other teams defence guessing. With Austin's pass happy offence Zach is a sitting duck and will probably miss many more games with injuries and have a shortened career.

Plus what fan in the stadium seats doesn't enjoy watching a running back take over a drive. Who remembers the days when Cobourne would rip off 10-12 yards on four consecutive handoffs? How often is the fanbase treated to something like that anymore?

This boring one dimensional offence is why my enthusiasm slipped last year for the first time since about 2008.

Plus, which two teams made it to the Grey Cup? Both had a functioning running attack as I recall, while those without (including our Cats) were watching the tube?