I took a late supper and time to calm down, and I thought, if Bob Young is hesitant to fire, perhaps hiring mentors might help.

  1. For Bob himself, as an owner...David Braley
  2. For George Cortez....Hugh Campbell (Five Grey Cups with Eskimos)
  3. For Casey Creehan...Don "Sudsy" Sutherin He could sure talk to the kid about using personnel to their best skills and talents, and discuss game-planning.

This may or may not work, but it sure is worth trying before a rash of firings and roster gutting.

If you're going to pay people to mentor, they might as well just do the jobs themselves.

Better yet, save the money to give Cortez the boot.

Bob himself has been one of the greatest mentors in my life the past 5 years and is a good reason I challenged myself to qualify and made it into a serious Engineering Course at College…and doing well…Bob hardly needs a mentor…people need to study him and learn…I did ! disrespect to the person starting the thread though..I get your point.....


You are very fortunate hat is off to you, doing your goals!!!

The whole point of this post was to be a positive offering of solutions. I'm fighting the frustrations, and trying to generate positive discussions.

I was wondering what all those names had to do with mints.