I love the way Coach O emphasizes the word “men” when referring to his team. It drove me nuts when June Jones would say “kids” 5 times every interview. I think the players will respond to the new attitude and enthusiasm of the coaching staff this year.

It’s perspective… To Coach O… they’re closer to his age so they’re “men”. To Coach J… he probably has kids their age… therefore he calls them “kids”. No big deal. No slight intended. I bet the players never even noticed.

I know he didn’t mean anything disrespectful by it, it still bugged me though, and if I was a 30 year old veteran player with kids of my own, I bet it would have bugged me even a little bit.

I disagree. They deserve to be called men or maybe periodically “boys”. Regularly referencing them as kids is condescending, to elevate the perception of his own experience and importance.

The cool grandpa shtick doesn’t work at Orlando’s age.

Glad that era is over.

Yeah right, kid. Oops… Right on, man. And it feels good too.

You read June Jones totally wrong. Older folks say that as a term of endearment for their young crew. You would always hear that from a cool older relative, friend or co-worker. Nobody ever got triggered by that.

Have to agree - the players loved June and respected his vast knowledge and experience. And as for whether he called them men or kids, as long as he treated them with respect, I don’t think they really cared what he called them.

Now Steinauer trying to call them kids would seem out of place.

We are so fortunate to have Orlondo