Men in tights

Spotted this in the National Post today:
"Those who follow the Toronto Argonauts on a regular basis have been subject to any number of unsettling visuals this season, but none so jarring as those provided this month by slotback Shockmain Davis, who has taken to practising in full-length tights without the modesty of wearing shorts over top.
When you see another grown man in tights, it ain't like watching a little kid in tights,'' Argos running back John Avery said Wednesday. It's a grown man. You got stuff you don't want to see that leaves nothing for the imagination. It's kind of nasty. I don't want to see that, I'd rather the guy just wear some shorts.
I mean, you got a guy running around here with tights on, like J. Lo. You know? It doesn't make sense.'' But almost nothing about the Argos has made sense this summer, which is one of the reasons why Davis was preparing as a starter Wednesday, just 10 days after signing as a free agent. The 28-year-old, who said he wears the modified leotard so he can get loose and just play football,'' will replace a player cut for disciplinary reasons, in a unit decimated by injury, with an offence that has been under new management for three days.

I don't know about 'nasty'. Depends which gender you are, or not (not that there's anything wrong with that). Beats white pants though.

Penalty: Too many men in the huddle :oops: so...very...disturbing. I'm glad I don't attend Argonaut practices. I wonder if the team hands out free "doggie bags" for fans who dare to attend practice. Nightmares...

I think he is trying to be like T.O.

Is anyone else about to throwup?? TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!