memories of Prince Hal

Very good article by Perry Lefko on the great Als combo of QB Sam "The Rifle" Etcheverry and SE "Prince" Hal Patterson.

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The article touches on the 1960 trade that brought Hal to Hamilton and led to standout years with Patterson teamed up with Bernie Faloney and later Joe Zuger.

Oski Wee Wee,

Nice article!

Hal and Sam had what sadly appeared to be missing between Maas and any of his receivers last year in Hamilton.

Hal said, 'We hit it off'

No man stands alone.

For me, Hal Patterson was the epitome of a great player, and a great team player.
A few memories of mine:
1. 1955 or'56, Hal was playing DB against the Ottawa Roughriders. A pass was thrown to an Ottawa WR (then SE or FL) and Hal, reading the QB's eyes, cut across, and jumped, picking off the pass with one hand while fully extended, like an NBA player taking a long pass for a dunk. One of the greatest catches I've ever seen, and a photo of it was the cover of a Reader's Digest in '56 or '57.
2. The night Joe Zuger threw 8 TD passes, 3 went to Patterson, all when he beat a defender or 2 with great moves. TD-wise, his best game, yardage-wise, also one of his best.
3. While playing in Montreal, he turned down(!) a pay increase because there was a young Canadian for whom the CFL paycheque was all the kid had, and he insisted the Als give that raise to the Canadian kid.
4. 30 years before Earl Winfield, there was Patterson, catching, returning kicks (punt returns without blocking) and playing DB when needed.
Truly one of the greatest CFlers ever, and one of the greatest Ticats.

Long live the Prince!!!!


Thanks for the post, Russ. The combination of Sam Etcheverry and Hal Patterson remains one of the greatest tandems in football history.

The Montreal Alouettes of the 1950s were indeed, a powerhouse and the article you posted makes some very important points for folks who like to make comparisons between then (14 game schedule) and now. (18 game schedule)

Despite the shorter season, Etcheverry and Patterson put up numbers that would rival today's records.

I remember the Als also had a great running game with Pat Abruzzi at fullback. Also on those great 1950s teams in Montreal were Red O'Quinn, Joey Pal and a plethora of other great talents.

The Grey Cup games of that era that we were relegated to viewing on 17" Admiral televisions remain, in my mind, the greatest moments in sport; particularly the Montreal/Edmonton series.

Although, I have great memories of this era, my heart and my allegiance then and now remain with the Hamilton Tiger Cats who set many impressive records of their own.

Russ/Merlin...thanks for the memories. Born in 1957 I remember Prince Hal, but mostly through the words of my dad. We'd moved to Toronto in those days and rarely made it to Civic Stadium. We listened to the games on CHML, using a clothes hanger to ground the attena so we could pick up the signal. I'm a young 49 these days, but those memories seem from a differewnt world. God Bless the men that wore the black and gold in the 50's and 60's. It was truly the glory days of the Canadian Football Leagure.

"Prince" Hal Patterson.
Oh...l thought you meant [b]pal[/b] Hal :wink: