Memories of Ivor Wynne

I put this together last night, I will be making a few more, with different music and photo’s!
Hope you enjoy!

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Here is another I made last Month! :rockin:

Where was Casey Printers?

( just kidding)

Awesome video!

Loved that last shot of the south stands with the player's names and numbers

Beautiful!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Fantastic video. Very emotional.

Bruce, your vid just reminds me of a 'know it all vet' and his Co. telling ya to put down your mutt because the $1 500 bill isn't worth the price of fixing what's wrong for a mutt. Then, he tells you about all the pitfalls of owning an inbred mutt and that you need to own a Tibetan Mastiff type dog for $7 000 to get a well bred long living dog that "everyone" else will love too. Ya, lot's of others will love it too. But, that mutt would have lasted just as long for a fraction of the cost. Probably would have given you more love back too, in areas that really count and will count.

Personally, my favourite part was the shot of the scoreboard saying "Nobody Blows like and Argo." :roll:

Great job Bruce13! Going to be a tough day on the 27th emotionally.
IWS-2 has some big footsteps to follow!

A Dear friend of mine Phyllis Babin wrote this on my 2012 Ti-Cat wall on Facebook, I wanted to share it here, as it was a GREAT posting! :thup:

"I have not been a Ti-Cat fan as long as some of you have, but being from Toronto & living in Hamilton since 1991, I had never been to a Ti-Cat game. I had heard many stories about the Ti-Cat/Argo rival for many years and was told it was THE biggest game to attend. I had to see for myself what all the Talk was about. As I sat in my seat and first heard the roar of hundreds of fans scream the chant “Oskee, Wee, Wee etc? I now know what they mean when they say “The stadium becomes a part of you?. I became hooked, and it was right then and there I realized how special IWS is & always will be to the Ti-Cat fans of this city. It Quickly became obvious to me that no matter what was going on with my family at the time or how bad my work week/day was, whenever I went to IWS on game day it was a place I could go to completely unwind and enjoy the excitement in the air. It is sad to think this is the last season for IWS, but I myself am very lucky and honoured to at least have experienced the last season with the wonderful “Old Girl? and along the way I met ...A wonderful couple with huge hearts and a future Ti-Cat star in the making :slight_smile: A lovely young woman with cute black/gold hair bows, to cute :slight_smile: A very nice young Mac student who was always proud to wear a painted face/leopard shorts :slight_smile: A nice kind-hearted man whom we all have yet to see his fabulous pics of the games/players :slight_smile: A nice man I call my go–to guy who always had a kind word to say and wears black/gold..Ti-Cats/Steelers :slight_smile: A kind mohawk student that always stayed Truuuuu and believes everyday :slight_smile: A young quiet man who’s jokes will always have my memories. And last but not least, a very special person that has always had and always will have EXTROARDINARY devotion/passion to the team & fans, who always told me to have Faith, and never give up hope, no matter what! :slight_smile: This last year I have enjoyed my Ti-Cat season, had tons of fun (Toronto games, great company at Tailgates/Practices) For all of this, That is what my memory will be and I am truly grateful. I look forward to meeting some new Ti-Cat fans in the future & I’m sure the memories of IWS will live on from person to person, father to son, mother to daughter, friend to friend."

I grew up in Hamilton and I remember high school football games at the old Civic Stadium (and the HAAA grounds as well). I was there when Westmount's new senior football team scored its first-ever point at Civic Stadium in 1963 (a punt single in their fourth game, after three shutouts -- pretty exciting!). I was also there for Dick Shatto's last visit as an Argo. However I've lived down east for almost all of IWS's existence.

At Westmount I knew one of Ivor Wynne's sons, and I was present when the "new" stadium was dedicated in his name. I hope they do something to perpetuate his memory.

I wish you all well as you say goodbye to a very storied place, although I can't promise to be sorry if my Bombers pull out a win!

Excellent tribute to Ivor Wynne, I never got to a game in Hamilton so all my memories are from games on TV.Thanks for posting. :rockin: