Memorial Day Weekend here in the States

I know this is not about Football, but this coming Monday is Memorial Day down here in the States, and all weekend long many Americans will be firing up the grills, drinking alot of beer (american p** water at that), and talking about every subject ranging from Politics to how much they hate their jobs.

Unfortunately very few (and getting fewer every year) people will take the time to say a prayer or even a kind word in thanks to the many,many people throughout the decades that have committed the ultimate sacrifice in protecting those Grills...the food being cooked on them....the beer they are swigging down...the cars they are driving...the houses they live in...the political ranting they do at every party without persecution or essence....THE VERY FREEDOM THAT JUST ABOUT EVERY AMERICAN TAKES FOR GRANTED!!

I understand that Canada has it's own special day to remember those that have fallen in conflicts....but......I also know that during many wars involving my country...there have been MANY thousands of Canadian soldiers that fought side by side with their american counterparts. As well as English and Australian and many other countries.

America is not the only "free" country on earth. Canada, England,Australia....and many others have suffered the hardships of losing soldiers and loved ones during wartime.

We come to websites like these and express our opinions about CFL Football (as well as other things) and mostly the discussions are friendly (rarely they might get a little heated) but it's all about fun.....what we take for granted though is that are still countries on this planet where you will be prosecuted for speaking your mind, no matter how harmless it may seem.

On this Memorial Day weekend......I choose to remember the fallen Americans AND Canadians and all others who fought so valiantly, and who believed whole heartedly in the freedoms that we enjoy every day of the week......The job we complain about?..we had the freedom to choose. Going to college or not?..we had the freedom to choose. Voting to pick whom we want to lead our towns,cities and countries?..we HAVE the freedom to choose.

And of course living in a free society....we choose the sports we follow (GO CFL!).
This weekend...(in Canada as well as the states) eat a burger,hoist a brew (LeBatt for me)...and...utter two words,in public or to yourself..that says it all...THANK YOU.

Have a great weekend everyone....and God Bless!!


I just wish some people in the BUSH ad. [ and FOX News ] knew just how much CANADA has helped the U.S. and visa versa.

for CFL football on T.V. in the U.S. go here.

or check out the ...........CBC.............. on SATELL. :smiley:

GOD BLESS YOU. :smiley:

Nice sentiment geo365.
In Canada, our day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom is Nov. 11. Perhaps in part because of the time of year, it is a more sombre day when that I believe is taken seriously by many people.

Go Riders! I saw the green and white rookies on the practice field yesterday and got a lump in my throat. I opened myself to a few wisecracks there I bet, R & W!

The reason Nov. 11th, at 11:00 am is the day and time of rememberance is because the First World War ended on Nov 11th at 11:00 am

That's a very good point you bring up about how much Canada has done for us in the past, and here's a shining example.

After the 9/11 tragedy, when all flights were grounded, the ones still in the air were diverted. Many were diverted to Canada, and it's my understanding that numerous Canadian family's opened there homes to total strangers who were stranded during that time. According to the numbers I have been told, approximately 200 flights were rerouted to Canadian airports, and every last passenger was given a place to stay and food to eat.

If THAT isn't a clear cut example of compassion....I do not know what is.

It was 40, 000 Americans who went to GANDER NEWFOUNDLAND. They stayed there , free of charge, for one week......................3000... Canadian went to a "I LOVE NEW YORK" week end to help the NEW YORK , wife and I went to LAS VEGAS [the Canadian dollar was 60 cents AMERICAN at that time.]

It was pretty empty.....but we had a great time.We did our part.

I really want to thank you for knowning about those planes.........As we get ALL U.S. news stations up here and it was really frustrating to see that most of what Canadians did was ignored by the major U.S. press and all they did was blame us for our pouris boarder , and saying NO to BUSH....even through our troops are/and were in AFGANISTAN from the beginning. :roll:

We also help free 52 American hostages escape from IRAN during the REAGAN , years..........those are just some examples and there are a millions the other way around. We are brothers and sisters.

MANY , MANY Canadians have relitives and friends in the U.S. I do.......

Believe me hellothere, I know all to well how the american press only promotes all things american. But....I am part of a minority down here who refuses to believe what they tell us everyday as gospel. I look to many different news sources to get my info. I am very open minded and believe that you have to monitor american news carefully if you want to know the truth.

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I do know about the signing of the Armistice on that day, at that time, but thanks anyway. Perhaps geo365 or another poster was not aware of that.

[quote="geo365, post:1, topic:453"]
..we HAVE the freedom to choose.And of course living in a free society....we choose the sports we follow (GO CFL!).[/quote]

In the 1970s, Canadians did NOT have the freedom to choose their football. The Toronto Northmen of the WFL were forbidden to exist, so they moved south to become the Memphis Southmen.

…you dug this up after 16 years to point out something that probably no one is going to care about why?


A heartfelt gratitude to all the active and fallen soldiers of our greatest friend and ally, without whom the freedoms we enjoy today wouldn’t be possible.
I think I speak for most Canadians when I say thank you very much.

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Shuttle families for 10 hours straight in my mini-van. Would do it again. As bad as American politicians are. The American people are the most generous on the planet.

Because it's still true?

2021-1974 = 47 years ago

Where did you come up with the 16 years figure?

Who cares? Meaningless. Take some on this day to remember the PEOPLE who were forbidden to exist and those who fought and died to stop it.

Very appropriate to remember those who died during the various wars. However, also very appropriate to remember and thank those who served, and survived.

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Absolutely thank each and every one of them. I can’t imagine what they went through.

…my point wasn’t the thread itself, Memorial Day is an important day for all free citizens of the world to pause and thank those of any nation that died for the cause of freedom, it was EZ resurrecting a 16 year old thread to complain about something probably very little can remember let alone complain about…

No beef at all from this quarter, red and white. Just making a post, not replying to your’s at all!

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Well said - we should all give thanks and remember - all the time- - but especially on these special days.

Yes and the US commemorates November 11th too, it's called VETERANS Day and taps are played at 11 am. Memorial Day is to remember the service people that died in active service.
Every year in Florida on November 11th in our community we have a Veterans Day/Rememberance Day boat parade and we fly the Canadian flag and the US flag side by side. We have British neighbors that also fly the Union Jack and the US flag.