Memorial Cup Tournamnet 2022

Anybody else watching Memorial Cup? Two great games yesterday and today.

Cataractes made a great comback vs. the Oil Kings last night and now we are headed for the first ever Memorial Cup Overtime between Oil King and Sea Dogs.

Some really good hockey. Lots of drafted players you may see in the NHL soon,

So guessing you, like most Oilers fans after having watched them implode in the playoffs yet again, are clinging to any winning hockey team you can to lift your spirits? Lifelong Oilers fan here so, if you are too, I know your pain.

Actually, I watched the Oiler's gain valuable playoff experience and loose to a team that will (at least at this point) likely win the Stanley Cup.

Looking forward to having a better overall season next year and hopefully we make the changes we need to improve over this year. All in all remembering that one half of our top defensive pair, Klefbom, spent the whole season on the sidelines.

As for last night - the overtime was fantastic. 3 on 3 with a bunch of kids was very energetic and there were fantastic opportunities both ways and some great goaltending.

Oh I always loved the WHL. One of my best memories as a kid was watching Mike Modano play for the Raiders and just going to WHL games in general they were always bloody exciting. Yeah I get trying to be positive with the Oilers its just been so many years of "building years" or "gaining experience" its frustrating. I mean at least we're not Leafs fans who have been waiting more than half a century for that dumpster fire to make it to the cup.

And from what I understand will stay on LTIR, just like the last two seasons, until his contract runs out after this upcoming season ... they have known for two years that he is part of the team in financial obligations only.

Totally agree ... wouldn't want it in the NHL playoffs but it was fun to watch ... would love to see what happens were an O/T to go longer ... at some point the coaches would have to figure out how to stretch their benches a bit to avoid exhausting their best players.

3 on 3 it will never go long. I think that was the thinking when they added OT.

So they decided to put the Memorial Cup head to head with the Stanley Cup Finals, and it will end on a Wednesday night right before the beginning of July.

Interesting move :thinking:

That's a moot point now.

The Avalanche won on Saturday.

Who could win on Wednesday?

Don't know but there sure is some exciting young talent coming to the NHL soon. The quality of play has been very good.

Like the 3 on 3 Ot format they're using .

20 min periods until there's a winner.

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Exactly the point. It should be placed on a spot where it stands the chance to get better promoted so fans will at least know which teams are involved.

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To be fair on that point a lot of games have been broadcast before the Stanley Cup games - or at least were finishing during the early part of the game.

Hamilton Bulldogs vs St. John Sea Dogs, tonight 6:00 pm on TSN, should be good one to see who wins the MC. Go Bulldogs!

It’s a pity I don’t have a dog in this fight.

Actually neither do I but hopefully it's a good game.

They have all been good games so far......

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Just wondering if anyone thinks that the MC is cheapened by the fact the host city team is automatically in the tournament. Wife and me were just talking about this and we say yes, it does cheapen the optics of the tournament as legit with who is crowned champs. But just wondering what others think.

Has to be that way, as the host city needs to prepare well in advance.
Saint John I think lost in the second rnd, so they've been resting while the others were battling for weeks.

Yeah I guess.
Bulldogs needed that goal at the end of the 2nd to have a chance. See what happens in the 3rd,

Probably helps fill out the crowds too....

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