Memorial Cup 2018 Thread

The way the Memorial Cup has been staged is a national embarrassment.

The tickets to the event were overpriced and led to empty seats (CFL are you listening)?

The CHL charged too much for hosting rights.

Sportsnet could not do a worse job hyping the event if they tried. Absolutely horrible coverage. (I believe 2 times during the tournament, Sportsnet led off their "connected" shows with the Jays who are completely irrelevant in the MLB this year, coverage of the Stanley Cup even during an off day then the Memorial Cup coverage. An absolute disgrace. Only U-Sports does a worse job at promoting events. (and surprise, surprise, look who does their championship event broadcasts)

There were tons of empty seats most times I tuned in no question. Overpriced for sure.

Many local fans here would have loved to go, but drew the line at the crazy prices. Almost to make a point it seemed to be the message from many. At the same time, and with the large fee the CHL charges, the hosts only had a small venue to work with, so higher prices were expected based on seating capacity alone, but maybe not that high. The hosts stated that even if it had sold out, they still would be losing money.

Then why even host it?
Seems like a losing situation from the start.

What a waste

While all 3 of the league champions were playing hockey, the Pats had what was it? 45 days off? Its a long time to be fresh & ready for the tournament... yet, Swift Current played 101 games... they were gassed by the time they got around to this tournament... if you are the host, your team should be able to get past at least the 2nd round of the playoffs... and the money thing has been well documented... that Pats paid too much to host, and passed the high prices onto the paying customer... so what would have happened if the Pats missed the WHL playoffs entirely? I can bet that changes would have been made so that they were not a part of the tournament, and that scenario is not unprecedented... the final game, if not for the stellar play of Max Paddock, would have been over after the 1st period.

Waste of what? The tournament was a success overall despite empty seats early on, and the hosts knew they would lose money anyways - so they aren’t complaining.

We all witnessed some excellent hockey and it was a great atmosphere and week.

It cuts costs significantly for the tourney in travel expenses but I would rather see a play down and see if TV sponsorship pay the travel costs for the teams .

You might have to cut the OHL in half to get the fourth team .

The OHL probably can be split in two quite easily .

You might get more national interest as well over time and I think a lot more local interest in junior hockey if your team goes all the way .

I agree I hate the tier two Junior A tourney as well with the bye for the home team .
As a junior fan it was much better with normal playoff format . It was just exciting the old way like the Stanley Cup only for small towns . It kinda weakens interest with a team that didn't earn the right to be there at the small tourney.

I know junior interest in eastern ON has fallen since the format started it's just not the same when you have a good team that goes all the way .

It kinda weakens interest with a team that didn't earn the right to be there at the small tourney.
As I say if the CFL did something along these lines with the Grey Cup it would be laughed beyond all laughs. No question it weakens the Memorial Cup.