Memorial Cup 2018 Thread

Opening game Hamilton Bulldogs vs Regina Pats:

Bulldogs top Titan and earn berth in semifinal:

And I see that the high fee to host the Memorial Cup caused organizers to increase prices for tickets and this has negatively impacted attendance:

REGINA – The organizing committee chair for the 100th Memorial Cup says that a high fee to host the tournament has caused increased ticket prices and impacted attendance. Shaun Semple said that the Regina Pats, a team in which he is a co-owner, had to pay $3.65 million to host the Canadian major junior championship. He said that ticket prices start at $75 per game and that the Pats owners expect to lose upwards to $2 million between the tournament and opening ceremony, which featured a performance by The Eagles at Mosaic Stadium. This year’s Memorial Cup has yet to sell out through the first four games at Brandt Centre, which has a capacity of 6,484, entering Tuesday’s night’s matchup between the Acadie-Bathurst Titan and Hamilton Bulldogs.

...What?! why would they build such a little arena?! is it a glorified high school arena?! they should add more seats if they expect to be taken seriously....You build a tiny stadium, you'll get tiny crowds. Add some damn seats....look at the FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton, 17,838 seats...the arena in Hamilton is way better than the arena in Regina...

the Brandt Centre was built over 40 yrs ago, opening in 1977... Regina's population is nowhere near what it is now... and the building is showing its age, as it is a dump... plus the Mem Cup is held in an arena of each of the 3 leagues that make the CHL, with it being the WHL's turn... I don't know that there is an appetite for a new arena to be built, not with the taxpayer rip-offs known as the GTH, the Regina by-pass and the new Mosaic Stadium...

Barrie Molson Centre built in 94-95, home of the Colts, has a seating capacity of around 4200. I've been to a lot of games there and there is not a bad seat in the place....I like the small arenas and I like the old barns. So many small towns here in Ontario have old barns. I like sitting in them and I did like playing in them. Sometimes I expect a horse to be pulling the Zamboni around.

Barrie has grown and it's harder to get a seat for a Colts game now. Almost as hard as for the ACC.

If the Regina beats Swift Current, the the Broncos are out... I can't believe I'm saying this, but GO PATS GO... Swift fans have behaved badly during the WHL playoffs, and don't deserve a Memorial Cup winning team... they are worse than entitled, spoiled fans of the Habs or Esks... yes, they are that bad... even when they go to MJ or Regina, they are rude to other fans. Its too bad, because the kids deserve better than to have spoiled fans ruin it for them... sad, really.

..I was being facetious about the brandt centre vs. the arena in Hamilton...using the same argument a poster was using about THF vs. Mosiac...the arena in Regina is i'm sure fine and who am i to say otherwise...

I don't think you should be fooling around like that. You know how sensitive I am.

I've been to the Brandt Centre many times over the last few years... not a great place to watch hockey at all... you feel like a sardine sitting in those seats... no doubt Regina will build a new arena... but not for awhile yet...

Really though, why is the CHL clearly overcharging hosts to host the Memorial Cup? That's just plain sad. 75 bones a ticket wow, that's a lot of money, starting price at that, for what most would say is an "amateur" tournament. Hey I love amateur sports but come on, get real.

Brandt Centre is ok for most events but the big name indoor concerts and events like the Memorial Cup do show how much the city has outgrown it. There’s some jockeying for position and posturing going on here too. The chairperson of the memorial cup committee is also the same business man lobbying to build a larger arena. He’s gonna take it on the chin financially with this tourney and that goes a long ways to support his argument for a bigger arena.

The Broncos are done... with a loss to the Pats... I was actually cheering for Regina (trust me, a moral dilemma for a MJ guy) last night. I have nothing against the Broncos hockey club, just their fans... a rude, ignorant & entitled bunch, it looks good on them that their team was the first to be eliminated, maybe the Pats can win to erase the memories of 1980, when Mike Keenan's Peterborough Petes team "lost" to the Cornwall Royals so they would not have to face the Pats in the final game. It backfired on him, as his team lost again to the Royals... that game was the catalyst for the change in the format, going from 3 teams to 4.

As for the Broncos, maybe the team should be moved out of Swift Current again... unless their fans can actually change & be respectful... something tells me that is too tall an order for them.

It's been a great tournament so far. All but one game decided by one goal.

Hamilton looks to be the strongest team. And likely better to be playing in the semi truck than having five days off in a row like Acadie-Bathurst is having to do.

As for arena, 17000 seats is far too big for CHL hockey. Best Junior arena in Canada is Budweiser Gardens in London. 10,000 seat capacity. Terrific views, awesome concessions and large restaurant that is open to the rink.

Hamilton owner has already committed to pay half the cost of a new arena if City pays the other half. He wants 7500 to 10000 seat arena to more suit the junior leagues audience.

Really hope they can put something together to build near the waterfront (where the Tuger-Cats should have built Tim Hortons Field! One of the fastest growing restaurant districts in the country is within walking distance of the site.

Would be the envy of every Junior organization. Hope the new City council jumps at the Millions he is offering up.

Really hope they can put something together to build near the waterfront (where the Tuger-Cats should have built Tim Hortons Field!
From my perspective, thank goodness that never happened. Can you imagine the monstrosity of THF cutting off the visible connection from downtown Hamilton to the great West Harbour? Eisenberger didn't have his thinking cap on when he thought of that dumb beyond dumb idea. Hey, we all make mistakes in thinking and that was Fred's biggest mistake IMHO. I like the man, he's got a head on his shoulders, but not on that one.

Now for the idea of a 7-10 thousand seater OHL arena that can be opened at one end for an ampitheatre for concerts and theatre there, awesome idea! But no outdoor football stadium for pete sakes in this area. Dumb idea.

Just bulldoze First Ontario Centre and build condos there, sell to a developer, to help pay for this.

Pats beat Bulldogs to advance to the Memorial Cup final on Sunday. Amazing hockey to watch. 17 yr old rookie goaltender stood on his head and Sam Steel led the Pats and tournament in scoring. Should be a great final on Sunday vs the Titan

Yup - it was a great game and a disappointing loss for the Bulldogs who to me seemed to carry the play for the most part - but the 17 year old in the Pats net was difference.

The goal that made it 3-1 for the Pats I think was interference or tripping on the Hamilton goalie too - but who knows if Hamilton would have gotten their second goal a minute later if the game was still just 2-1. I think the Pats defence may have relaxed just a bit with the 2 goal lead - which may have played a role in Hamilton's goal to get back to within one. After that they tightened up again.

There should be one change to the format of the Mem Cup... if you are hosting, you should be good enough to make it to the past the 2nd round of the playoffs in your league. If you do not make it, then the team that makes the league final should be there instead... in this case, Everett would make it to the Memorial Cup having lost to the Swift Current Broncos in the WHL final.

Well sambo, that's a major criticism of the Memorial Cup with the hosting team automatically in it despite how good they are. No question it can diminish the value of winning the Cup, some might say.

Can you imagine if the Grey Cup was a 3 team tournament with the hosting team automatically in a 3 team type of final? It would be ridiculed beyond all ridiculed beyond all ridiculing. Ok, too much ridiculing here, sorry. :wink:

Obviously you haven't been watching this tournament. The games have been great hockey and all very close final scores.

These are the best we have in Canada that aren't pro. The best in the world of this age group. If the host team didn't get the bye - the host teams would never make the bid to host it, because this tournament can be a huge money loser to the host. It's a reality of junior hockey.

Great hockey all around and great tournament.

If the host team didn't get the bye - the host teams would never make the bid to host it, because this tournament can be a huge money loser to the host. It's a reality of junior hockey.
The 1996 Grey Cup in Hamilton lost a fair bit of money I believe as well albeit times have changed for hosts of the Grey Cup. It'll be interesting how Hamilton makes out with the next Cup it hosts.