Memorabilia sales

Browsing through ebay today and came across 2 Riders jerseys that someone got autographed by the players at the pre games - for about 600 bucks each.

Hmm - Now I like sports memorabilia as much as the next sports fan but ya gotta think that if you were a Rider or any other player and you saw someone making big bucks off your name you would be reluctant to give out autographs in the future on things like jerseys or other sellable items.

Just my 2 cents but if it was me - id personalize each autograph to make sure it doesn’t end up being someone else’s profit.

Ok - anyone know good online sites to order decent and affordable rider gear? I have purchased from the rider store in the past but other then the jersey the rest I found to be of very low quality ( ie T-shirts are very thin etc ). Want to pick some Xmas gifts for a few folks that are overseas atm and some nice Grey Cup champs gear would fit the bill.
So far have only found 2 hats and Western final shirts from this site

GC Champs clothing is available at the CFL online shop.

I see they have added a few items just now - gotta move fast to get it delivered in time for xmas.

Are there any online stores from Saskatchewan though that folks have bought from before? I'm not impressed with the quality of the rebook shirts unless they have upgraded the quality ( only good for about 10 washes then they are toast ).