Memo To The Hamilton Spectator: Thanks

To whomever made the decision to print that tasteless, classless and hopeless poster... I say THANK YOU!

Thank you for making us fans the target of the website attacks that have come over the past week.

Thank you for making our city look 2nd rate.

Thank you for making such an idioic comment while our team battles out of a 1-6 hole.

Thank you for giving Barrin Simpson, Milt Stegal and Chris Brazzell MORE motivation to come into our house and embarress us.

Thank you for allowing major sports media outlets like TSN and Sportsnet to pick this up, getting comments from players on how they hate Hamilton.

Thank you for publishing even more of Winnipeg's comments about our city in todays edition of the rag, making us feel real proud about being Hamiltonians.

Thank you for giving Winnipeg's media, fans, players and coaches the chance to come right back, insulting the city and fans like myself, I really appreciate it.

Basically, what im trying to say is...

Thanks Hamilton Spectator for embarressing our fans, our team, our city, and further proving the point that so many of us have been making for a long time. The Hamilton Spectator is a complete joke, and im ashamed to have to defend its childish actions.

Do all of us a favour and dont speak on behalf of the fans anymore.

Anyone keep track of how many times the Spectator dredged up that ridiculous Jesse Lumsden "Hamilton Hottie" spread, as though it were real news, after they themselves published it in the first place?

As in:
Day 1: Publish embarrassing photo spread
Day 2: Report on reaction to embarrassing spread
Day 3: Talk more about spread
Day 10 - more of same
Day 20 - more of same
etc, etc

Lumsden recently admitted it would have been better for him to have played in another CFL city where he wouldn't be under such a media glare.

Cover the news, don't try to create it.

Not to worry ... it is all in fun

Bomber fan signs will be prominent tonght

It would have been SLIGHTLY better had it of been directed at the Bombers as a team... but to insult a city is asking for trouble, and now we have a back and forth war of words and its the fans that have to deal with it... not the high paid editors at the spec.

thats the media for you :roll: :thdn:

This post mirrors my sentiments EXACTLY!!

It sure would be nice to see the Spec print a FRONT PAGE apology and fired the a$$ of the idiot that came up with that classless idea!!!

I have to agree with you, Crash. It's different if I got into a razzing match with some of the Blue Bomber fans on here and we got into that type of thing, but for it to come from the media who is supposed to be the voice of the city, it just stupid.

If they had the stones to do that, on the front page, and punishment for the moron that come up with it? Id retract this thread and write a full congratulations to the spec.

Dont hold your breath.

Well said Crash.

“Editor: a person employed by a newspaper, whose business it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed.”

  • Elbert Hubbard (1856 - 1915)


I also share the sentiments of the letter and am also embarrassed by it.

That letter should be sent to the Spectator and be published in the reader forum at least if not the front page.

The only thing a paper cares about is whether or not it is being read and purchased. Negative letters to the editor delight them more than positive ones because they know you're still reading and know you'll be back.
Cancelling subscriptions and not buying the paper at all is the loudest message that can be sent.

it wasn't very witty or funny but i think a lot of good peg fans know there are a lot of good cat fans still.
it did create a big stir in the winnipeg free press as well as some bomber sites.good or bad its the media.
id rather talk football myself.

not without saying wasn't it mr westwood and his boys who started up the old "banjo bowl"?

Already done.

I complained and thats it. Im not cancelling over this. I read the paper for news and of course Mckay cartoons (todays = hilarious) I never liked the spec sports section anyways.

Read the Front page section
do the crossword
skim through sports (by this time Ive already seen the Sportsdesk morning loop twice)


I gotta say, as crappy a paper the Toronto Sun is, they got the best sport section around.

The spec thanks each and everyone of you for the free pub.