I counted in the first game at Edmonton, CGY ran the same play over 19 times in a row and it worked every single time. In that game Copeland and LEWIS went absolutely crazy and teamed up for close to 20 receptions.

Burris takes the SNAP, fakes the handoff every single time to REYNOLDS, and then rolls out and then throws a qiuck pass to Lewis or to Ralph or he just runs the ball.

The Defensive END and the linebackers FALL for this play every single time, they think REYNOLDS has the ball and the Defensive END never accounts for Burris.

What we are witnessing is one of the better coaches in HUFFNAGEL and CORTEZ schooling JIM DALEY over and over. It should be illegal for huffnagel and CORTEZ to coach against JIM DALEY.

I cant recall even once that a Defensive END actually accounted for BURRIS and hit him or sacked him in the backfield.

MEMO TO HALL-- CGY RUNS THE SAME DAMN PLAY ON YOU EVERY SINGLE TIME. THey fake it to Reynolds and then Burris keeps the ball and throws the short pass to LEWIS or Copeland or BURRIS RUNS for yards--

I hope HALL reads this and perhaps understands that HUFFNAGEL will run that play like crazy on the weekend as no ONe seems to think that BURRIS can fake the handoff ever.

ALso i Hope ray smartens up and Strasser wakes up also, and realizes that CGY rushes 3 or 4 and drops 8 in coverage. RAY just stands with the ball and throws 2 yarders or gets sacked too much---


Ummm Helloooo, if you have been following the CFL at all this year, you would also know that Calgary runs that same play against every team they played. Last week against Sask, I bet they ran that play 30 times. It is called taking advantage of your fast athletic quarterback. Real easy to sit there and critic how one should or should not defend that play. If Edmonton had a QB with that type of speed and athletic ability, they would be running it too, but that is not Ricky's strength. He is a pocket passer.

Doesnt matter, you already have your negative comments ready for the Esks, win or lose. Go cheer for the lions like we all know you are going to....

Go Esks!!!!!! :rockin:

haha the only problem with keying off burris on that play is he'll just let joffrey take it for a good gain as well. if they only do this how does joffrey get into the top....3? i beleive rushers in the league. everytime this cobra guy makes a post i have less and less respect for him.

Actually I think Cobra makes some good posts, you don't have to agree with him but I do think he is knowledgeable about the game . Some of his sugestions in previous post have actually been done by the Esks. I sometimes think Cobra has some insider info on the Team .

this the same cobra that told me that the cfl was throwing games cause they were not being sponsored by a gambling website...or has told you to dismantle the entire team...on everyone single teams forums. yes he has made some good points in the past but RECENTLY he is slipping lol and i could tell the esks waht to to and they would be more successful than now :lol: im jk but either way the point of my post was this play is "overused" because its puts all our playmakers in the mix...either joffrey runs the ball, henry runs the ball, or henry throws the ball. it makes the defense guess and its ALMOST not quite but ALMOST impossible to successfully cover

If its so impossible to cover can you please explain to me how HAMILTON, Montreal and Toronto can all stop the play even though they didnt play Calgary 4 times in a season like Edmonton will have played them.

Also Edmonton played Calgary 3 times in 3 weeks I believe and they still could not stop this play once.

It is not impossible to stop, Hamilton shut it down in Hamilton and at Calgary, Montreal completely shut it down also.

Once you account for the QB like Hamilton did with OTIS FLOYD and he nailed Burris it was game over there, as THEY STOPPED DOING THE PLAY as FLOYD NAILED BURRIS SO HARD 2 plays in a row.

Its one thing to run a play that works, but watching CGY run the same play over and over and over vs Edmonton and Edmonton falls for the same play every time is a complete joke. Let Reynolds get the ball and make some yards and here is why--

Do you want a running back with the ball running or a fast QB with the ball Unguarded on the loose ready to make a wide open pass or run for huge yards or even hit a long pass on your defense--

The fact remains that its not the play that is working, its the fact that the ENTIRE Edmonton Defense is fooled and they all are pursuing REYNOLDS and they are not accouting for BURRIS...

In fact in the 38-35 loss at Edmonton, they probably ran REYNOLDS less than 5 times in that game, but Edmonton cant catch on to that FACT and keeps thinking REYNOLDS is going to get the ball and the whole Defense is all over them--

CGY offense is the most simple and basic offense in the CFL- they are playing with essentially 2 RECEIVERS in LEWIS and COPELAND- BOth Lewis and Copeland are good with great hands but are NOT FAST RUNNERS and LEWIS is hurt. Brett RALPH is useless this season adn BYRANT is nothing special.

every team understands that fact and knows that they can cover their receivers. Burris has been struggling because he has no receivers to throw to anymore. THe RAMBO loss hurt him very bad--

THis is the 4th time you will play CGY, All teams that dont play CGY can stop this play, so I see no reason why Edmonton should get burned all night long by this same play also.

Here is how you defend this play----

You play your defense and have a linebacker blitzing on the EDGE to the area where Burris will run when he does the FAKE--

Geez what a surprise Burris will get when he fakes the handoff and MO LOYD is waiting for him at that spot--

Otis FLOYD did this twice and pummeled Burris and Burris folded in that game and they didnt run that play anymore.

You have to have a SPY who blitzes to that spot, and then force Burris in the pocket or to hand the ball of to Reynolds.

Vs other teams Burris hands the ball off to Reynolds, vs Edmonton they just use the fake and then burn them with Burris on the loose---

There is no exuses anymore- you cannot let Burris throw for 400 yards on your Defense when he has only 2 receivers, Burris throws for 15 yards vs other teams in a half and well below 200 yards for the game on most other Defenses in the CFL--

Edmonton should have a huge edge here having seen Burris 3 times and should be able to shut him down tonight.

I might agree with forcing the run on the zone read plays, however- having Lloyd blitz to contain Burris will sure make an easy night for Reynolds, besides how do you decide which side the MLB blitzes? They aren't dumb enough to try it to the side he's lined up at. Maybe if the ends contained Burris and left Lloyd to deal with the run...

Just speculating, I don't know (but I ain't Daley who doesn't seem to know either)??? Imagine how frustrated you'd be if you were an Esks fan.

The Esks are my 2nd favorite team, from the days of Warren Pistol Moon and Willie Pless and greats like Donny Brady, Wiltshire and Garret on Defense.

The key is to make Burris THINK and make him feel some pressure. In the first 3 games vs CGY i don't recall a sack on Burris, and he can keep plays alive for ever when he gets to the edge.


1-Make him a POCKET QB where he cannot EXTEND plays and run around and then make plays--

2-HIT HIM EARLY- Take a 15 yarder penalty but make sure YOU NAIL HIM HARD- He gets rattled, and if he is going to keep the ball and run the FAKE handoff you have to GANG TACKLE him and make him PAY like Hamilton did with Otis FLOYD.

3-Cover COPELAND DEEP- Did Edmonton CUT COPELAND at one time? JERMAINE copeland absoutely goes crazy vs Edmonton and catches everything throw his way including anything deep, and will WIN every JUMP ball vs the Edmonton Db's. We have cut BUHL and I believe Malveaux is no longer starting and KEYES was also cut because those guys never turn around to locate the ball and are not at the professional level at all. AT least Edmonton realized this-
COPELAND is invisible vs other CFL teams, i believe they might double cover him, but when he plays Edmonton he seems to know he owns this secondary-- SO COVER COPELAND and MAKE BRETT RALPH and BRYANT BEAT YOU--

Send corner blitzes more often tonight and the Defensive END has to take BURRIS and not worry about the RUN, they need to account for his runs to the outside. CGY is running a short passing game and what needs to be done is to force Burris into handing the ball off and beating you from the POCKET-- If that means sending BLITZES for gods sake DALEY send some pressure early-- This receicing core is VERY SLOW ON CGY, if you cant blitz this team, then you are not a defense--

In the first 3 games, I dont recall hardly any blitzes either- They let BURRIS sit back and have for ever to throw and read the defenses-- You have to get PHYSICAL with HANK, he is a SOFT QB, and can be rattled beyond BELIEF---

QUESTION? Is Hamilton amazing on DEFENSE? NO they are not, but thier linebackers make Burris pay, and they rattle him with hard and hellacious hits, and BURRIS quickly folds.

Burris FYI used to lose to SASKATCHEWAN in crucial games and in every playoff game because he gets rattled and also is a SOFT QB- He has a BIG O line to protect him, CGy was smart to do that--

Send pressure, keep him in the POCKET< make him beat you with the quick passes-- If that means COPELAND and LEWIS beat your man to man coverage, so be it, lose LIKE A MAN, instead of the usual way you lose--

THe ESKS should read this and listen to me, because doing it DALEY's and HALL's way has RESULTED in the worst DEFENSE in the CFL-- SO what you guys are DOING IS NOT WORKING and every team can move the ball on this defense--

They have to play this way, they have better Db's now in Parker and DREW and have replaced the dead wood on the team wihch was BUHL and KEYES who are not even semi PRO level in ability. They have some decent players on Defense now and need to PLAY SMARTER---

IMO there is no Reason why Edmonton cannot beat CGY in CGY tonight, you have the better offense clearly and defensively you should be able to shut down BURRIS who IMO can be shut down if your team knows how to DEFEND him and rattle him and take away what he likes to do--

REMEMBER BURRIS OWNS the worst QB rating in NFL history when he started a Game for the bears in the NFL vs TAMPA BAY-
This is a QB where you make him THINK a lot, and you can win--

LETS hope the ESKS read this and WIN the game tonight as I belive there is no EXUCE to not win tonights game .

Also Ray should be able to attack the CGY halfbacks especially JOHN EUBANKS. The guy is getting abused.

RAY has success vs CGY when he is looking for the deep pass, when he is hesitant and holding on to the ball Edmonton is not doing well.

In the game at CGy last year on Labour day, RAY torched CGY and EDMONTON won 37-16 with lots of deep corner routes--

IN the first game this season, RAY torched them deep with Stamps right up the middle--

CGY is weak down the middle of the field, you can hit them deep all day there--

CGY had no clue how to stop FANTUZ, he was scoring on CGY as if they were 7 year old school girls trying to cover him--

CGY is very weak INSIDE, with EUBANKS and AMADI covering. You can burn them badly here---

Come on Edmonton , RAY time to air the ball out all over CGY deep right down the middle---

It's called a playaction pass and is the staple of any team that has a good RB....and yes they run it multiple times because it is effective... :roll:
I'd rather play the run than have Reynolds pound the rock down our throats. The DE needs to in the box to stuff Reynolds on the run and.... hopefully the Secondary does their job with tight coverage and that creates the environment for a Bad Burris night. The key of the game will be the Secondary and the DE.


I must give credit, Edmonton is better prepared on defense and playing a good game that they can win it with--

However Ritchie again has failed to pull RAY- it is clear that RAY is not getting it done anymore, he looks slow and old out there--

Now its the offense that is the issue-- WHere is Mo MANN, earth to Peterson--

Its time to let Maas or Zabranski see if they can do anything- Ray is just simply not playing well of late, maybe he will be better if he comes off the bench.

umm its so easy to defend but it was our staple play in the grey cup that we want to know why it didnt work against montreal...they have a good d line and burris never gave joffrey the ball on this play so they cheated...and again otis may have hit burris but if joffrey got the ball instead meaning that burris makes the proper read than joffrey runs for big gains. and umm i dont know if you noticed during this game tonihgt but the esks d was brutal. one player getting 200 yards passing is embarressing for this team. on that note, burris has woken up and we will not lose to hamilton again playing like this and montreal will be a good game. you make it sound easy to defend but how do you know when the play is comming they line up in the gun in pistol under center pro set staggerd I form trips wingback bunch and spread forms. and have this play AND OTHERS in all these sets. your playing against the two most offensively gifted coaches in my eyes when huff and cortez come together and they have got things together once again. i predict a grey cup rematch. and for riders fans. the game we tied you...wasnt even half as good as we played this game. its a whole new game come the final league game with the stamps in mosaic and i dont think bc will be a problem LOL hopefully printers has a good game tomorrow and kicks the riders butts but its a long shot IMO and sorry to jump around but back to the play action option play, joffrey consistently being in the top 3 rushers in the pretty sure he's third right now and they have underutilzed him compared to last year, is what makes this play coach there has pointed out. do you honestly think no other team has this play? the only diff is no other team has henry who is as much a running back as he is a qb. if you follow joffrey henry keeps the ball if you do but spy henry as you suggest than henry either pump fakes and runs or throws. but its hard to ignore joffrey when he can have a 100 yard game against every team in the league if they use him enough. great play great players making plays. if they are hot you can have all the defense strategies you want this play will burn you. thats what i love about option puts the ball in the hands of your playmakers and allows them to do just that...make plays. Great win tonight stamps onwards to the grey cup :rockin:

Yes, because it’s commonplace for receivers to rack up 200+ yards in a single game.

oh no he was useless cause he didnt walk into a brand new team and learn the systems, plays, gel with the qb, gel with the other recievers and backs within the first week...obviously this guy is brutal cause this is common place. bryant is starting to fit right in on the team and is a nice replacement while rambo is on the Injury list

Whoever said it's play action, it's really not. It's a different play. In terms of defending the zone read play, cobra is right. The teams that defend it well seem to have the d end crash down on the back, in this case Reynolds, and then a lb loops outside to meet the QB at the edge. The key to the play, however, is to then take away the dump option (usually Lewis), either by tight man coverage, or else very disciplined drops in zone. If Henry's first read isn't there, he's got to pull the ball down and he's got a LB coming at him, and usually backside pressure then too.

The other way is a bit riskier, and that's having the d end gamble and step out to meet Burris - it happens the odd time where the end guesses right and blows the play up. But if he guesses wrong and the ball is handed off, Joffrey's into the second level.

play action is not a play...this is a play action option...that is exactly what it is...all play actionis using a back to get the defense to take their eyes away from the passing game...which is what happens when reynolds fakes the handoff...its a complete read play for henry its all on his ability to figure out what is happening with the defense...also having this triple headed attack in a single play forces EVERYONE on the d to be near perfect...the only reason this play is so effective is cause the league leading rusher is in the is almost NEVER ran with summers or cornish in the backfield...thank god cornish is almost never on the O but thats a whole different story lol...but it is really hard for a defense to not key on a back like reynolds...and when your qb is fast as well it really makes this play useful... wouldnt be as useful for a qb like ricky for example cause his legs arent a huge threat he is a pocket passing qb where henry is more of a scramble/option qb. its the staple of our offense... it works why not use it

I flew to Edmonton live to Commonwealth to watch these 2 teams play. We can argue if its ZONE read option or play action-

I personally feel its more a Zone Read Option play but this is the problem with this play..

WHen you are a professional TEAM like Edmonton and have professional coaches what is your JOB?

To say hmmm we play CGY this week, what should we do this week in practice on DEFENSE?

My idea: Look at film of how CGY runs their offense, slow it down watch thier offense and get the ZONE READ play down cold.

Then in practice you use the SCOUT team to practice this formation and keep running it, until the DEFENSE knows the offense inside out. They play CGY 4 times this season so its important to KNOW this offense inside out.

When the Defense 100% understands the assignments they can stop the CGY offense--

REALITY: I swear what happened when they played CGY is that I can almost certaintly 100% guarantee that Edmonton did not practice going up vs CGY zone read option offense in practice. In the first game it looked like EDMONTON was completely unprepared. Lewis and Copeland had a combined 20 catches in tath game.

So what kind of professionals are Edmonton when their JOB ON defense is to scout other teams and they dont even SCOUT them at all and are completely unprepared for them.

Does anyone think DALEY even looked at FILM of CGY? Does Edmonton even have a film STUDY ROOM? Do the players even care about CGY?

When you play a team 4 times and its your main rival, how could you be so clueless about thier personnelle. They know that in the first agme that Burris had only Lewis and Copeland as receivers and still they catch 20 passes. That is unacceptable.

Burris did not put up great numbers vs any other team except for EDMONTON- He owns this team partly due to DALEYs inability to look at FILM and even bother making a game plan for CGY--

Division hated rivals, you should know CGY personnelle inside out and be comfortable with their offense.