Memo to Rider Defense...

...finish your friggin' tackles. Geez...

or umm learn how to tackle maybe. geeesh.

als defense can read the memo too.

this may be a shootout again but... i dont think thats neccesarly a good thing for either team. both defenses look very very suspect.

Ya. I coulda swore it was the Bombers out there....

Ziiiing! :lol:

bombers are ranked in the top 3 defenses in the league but oook.

Lighten up and grow a sense of humour already...

ive come to learn that there is no humor in him... he should be more like papalooza haha

That's gonna happen... :lol:

Just got in. 10-7 score, and still in the first quarter. Could we see a replaying of Week 1's game? :lol:

That was kind of weak by Durant. No way was that roughing. Suck it up, dude. :lol:

It would have made up for a soft PI call. The Als receiver tripped and then dragged the Rider DB down.

PI is the most controversial call in the game i think lol... a close second is roughing the passer, but one time it is called the next its now and so on and so forth... it can make watching football really frustrating when your team isnt getting the breaks :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: I missed that. Sounds pretty brutal.

Nice return for Montreal. :thup:

memo to riders ST. run faster.

I sit here thinking it's been a pretty even game, yet we're down by 17....

so is there no game thread for this game? im at the cabin and do not get TSN lol was kinda hoping for one

this is it.

Not sure if I liked either throw by Durant, especially the first. Als going into halftime with a 24-10 lead.

Blah, I was worried about this game, and while it deserves to be closer than a 14 point lead, 2 stupid preventable penalties have altered the score huge. You can blame the ST on the missed FG return, but it was a stupid penalty by Cates the play before the prevented them from either gambling on 3rd and 1 or kicking an easy 28 yard field goal. The pass interference was also a dumb penalty by the Riders, even if it was soft.

They aren't out of this by any means, but it's a lot harder to come back down 2 scores on the road to a good team than it is at home.

mtl got a few penalty calls against too keeping sask drives alive there… so really penalties are part of the game.

im not a fan of this roughing the passer call tho… it seems so chincey… i dont know what they expect players to do… like stop on a dime? i dont see how thats possible but. ok, i get it, protect the qb, i understand that but i just think sometimes, theres really nothing a defensive player can do. ive seen guys getting pushed into the qb by the olinemen and thats called roughing the passer… dont like it but understand wanting to protect the qb’s.