Memo To Jim Popp

Jim, I have always admired and respected you and would like nothing more than to see you sign a long term contract with the team.

But I also understand your NFL ambitions and feel all people are entitled to their dreams. I will reluctantly accept if you decide to move on, and will wish you nothing but success.

But it`s about the 4 Twitter accounts you have. You are trying to break into the button-down, conservative NFL and you have 4 Twitter accounts. They reflect your love of sports and your family, but am not sure a prospective NFL employer might see it that way. Sorry Jim, but my advise would be to drop them.

You`re welcome.

any differentiations between the 4 accounts in your opinion?

Allows you to segregate your contacts and keep notifications from your personal cellphone from landing on the Als corporate server. Lots of different reasons, not that inspire confidence :lol:

One used by Als PR staff and digital media person
One used for his job as Als GM
One used for his family
One used for non Als football stuff

So your concern/assumption is that hes soliciting from account 4? Non als football?

Its not a question of job hunting or soliciting, its being too outgoing, showing too much personality for the conservative NFL.

I could be wrong on this, but the only NFL exec that I know who tweets is Jim Irsay and he`s an owner - Colts.

so you think he should stop because it limits his NfL options?

He`s a great guy, loves all sports - Nascar, basketball, his alma mater Michigan State, and particularly his family. But the NFL prefers robotic workaholics.

When your responsible for the performance of a half a billion dollar business in an ultra competitive environment it comes with the territory and salary. But it does not matter how many twitter account he has, the minute the potential NFL employer finds out he's Coach and GM working from home in North Carolina the interview is over.

So just to be clear...both you fellas are saying that he is using twitter inappropriately because it wont help him get an NFL job? Ideal because you feel it shows that he has too much time on his hands ? And H because you feel that NFL execs don't know his situation?

One thing no one can accuse Jim Popp about is not being up front and honest. As far as I am concerned he can use Twitter however he wants. Just gave my opinion of why someone would carry FOUR active twitter account.

I think when Jim presents what running a 15 million dollar CFL operation is like it becomes impossible for an NFL team to hire him in the position of GM. It would be irresponsible. Kind of like a guy running a corner Pizza shop becoming VP operations of Domino’s Pizza.

Or I guess another other assumption may be made that his private twitter account will have no benefit in getting an NFL job and he has no delusions it will.