Memo to Jim Popp

Resign Okeke before the eskimos get hte chance to steal him away to fix their joke of an offensive line this is a guy we can not afford to lose we do not have much more guys left on the offensive line let alone guys that are as strong and mobile as him

Are you sure Okeke will be a FA in 2006 ?

Last time, I heard he wasn't on the list of FA...

Im pretty sure he is eligible to become a FA this year is ther a list out of available guys?

Let’s add this to the memo to Popp…

Also, considering the poor defence we had this year, ranking close to the bottom in most categories, let Chris Jones go, and hire Greg Marshall (the Ottawa one, not the Hamilton one). Give the same deal as Creehan in Calgary (i.e. he takes over as head coach when Matthews quits or is fired)…then maybe he can talk FA Korey Banks into joining the Als…now wouldn’t he look good in our secondary?

Guys, stop freaking about the O-lIne guys leaving as FA....

The O-Line will be intact for 2006 & some in 2007/ Okeke is under contract for 2006...i'll reconfirm with him sunday !

As for MAdJck suggestion...I see no problem with Marshall.... :slight_smile: Good Call !