Memo to Ego Jones: Players win games, NOT coaches

Had a good laugh watching the helpless Argo defence get manhandled by the TiCats. Ego Jones believes he doesn't need anything other than his X's and O's to win games. Where was his brilliant scheme today? Maybe Ego Jones' master plan was to tire out Smilin Hank and the TiCat offence by keeping them on the field for pretty much the entire second half.

Coaches can lose games with stupid decisions, but they can't win them - - only players can do that. The foolishly misguided idea that Ego Jones can just take guys off the street to "plug and play" in his comical system was badly exposed today.

Complete choke job by the Argo defence to blow that 24-10 lead. Too bad Ego Jones isn't able to dictate to opposing offences the way he dictates to his own players.