memo to dominguez

psssst, dont trash talk when your down by 23 with 9 minutes left

yeah, wait until there is only 3 minutes left, then trash away :lol:

Scott coe should have nailed kenton keith dancing into the endzone on the extra point conversion meanwhile they are still down 15 points in the 4th quarter.

pfft.. let him dance. If they want to act like idiots that's their business. We said everything we needed to with fifty-three points.

I don't understand that whole Rider team. No matter how bad their team is doing, if an individual player gains one personal accolade they start celebrating like they've won the Grey Cup. Very selfish and childish if you ask me.

Not sure how many Rider games you watch, but the Riders are one of the only teams that do not dance around in the endzone after they score (much to my wife's dissappointment as she believes endzone dances should be mandatory, and as such enjoys watching the Stamps and Argos as they seem to have the market on endzone dances). I agree the KK prance was a little uncalled for considering the score. Plus at that time, in theory we could have made an angels in the outfield type comeback, and it just wasted precious seconds off the clock. But to say that all Riders are selfish and playing for themselves is ridiculous. Name three other players (other than Keith) who plays selfishly.

I didn't get to see the game, but could it have been any worse than Soward's dance/theatrics/whatever ?
Sure there's Ricky & Baker , but I find both those guys to be solid , selfless team-mates (Pref had it comin'!) RJ Soward is just a darn embarrassment ! I mean , he's been playing this game his whole life, has consistently been reaching the highest levels of success, and yet every time he so much as does his job he carries on like a fool ! He wouldn't even be out there but for an injury !