Memo To Alouette Website Personnel

Als fans here have been debating the pros and cons of releasing Carter and Guzman, and that is one of the fun parts of websites like these.

But to have 2 veteran Alouette players like these released without any news whatsover on the website is unheard of. Any other sports team in North America would have a news release on the board with some sort of explanation. Alouette fans have to monitor tweets, blogs, and constantly go to the team roster to discover comings and goings.

If you want fans and potential fans to take you seriously, you have to live up to minimal information standards.

This is meant to be constructive criticism and I hope it is taken as such.

The Als pretty much buried the announcement on their website under the subject, "The Alouettes make roster moves"... For a couple of players that had several seasons with the Als (Carter had 5 and Guzman had 3) that is a bit of a disappointment.

I do agree with you but there is a release. If you go to the Als roster and click on any of the new 4 players announced yesterday,-Hebert,Gainey,Ingram and Murrell- you will see,under Related Media, :The Alouettes make roster moves. Details/information on veterans released and players added.

Again, it should be more evident/visible. I hope that M.Lalonde will read the message.Be more visible!



However, even when there are releases, these tend to be "veiled" in one manner or another. There is only so much information that an organization is willing to release. It would be very embarassing, for example, for management to flatly declare: "we just don't think this player is good enough any more", even though that may indeed be the reason for the release. Or: "we have other players that we think are better", or: "we are not impressed with his off-field shenanigans" or: "he is a disruption in the clubhouse"...

I remember Jim Trimble's (remember him?) approach - this or that player "didn't fit in with our plans", a rather blanket statement that could be taken any way. So, a little more info would be nice, but answers to point-blank questions would still tend to be cagey; transparency in these matters only goes so far.

I see now that it is there....but kind of like the fine print in a contract.

Last week Winnipeg released veteran LB Joe Lobendahn and there was a statement from GM Mack as to why...his injury history and the need to go Canadian at the position.

As Alouette fans are we less entitled to know the reasoning behind the releases of veterans Carter, Guzman, and even Kitwana Jones? This isnt military information or cancer research. Its sports, why so secretive about it?