Memo: Stripes #25 and #47

Memo to Side Judge #47 and Field Judge #25 (members of Andre Proulx's Crew):
After further review of your performance on Pass Interference calls and non-calls in the third and fourth quarter of the Stamps/Tigercats game, the league, teams and fans want their $7 back.
You may keep the public transit reimbursement and the free pizza slice coupon.

You will be required to re-attend the standard 20 minute CFL officating course prior to further game action.


Funny stuff. :thup:

quick question, why $7?
I want a lot more than that back for the job they did yesterday...


Not even worth the $7. Put a monkey out there, it’ll do just as well.

Eff that. They should be paying us to watch that travesty.

I vote for the World Cup Octopus as the next ref. He hasn't been wrong so far. Seems to have a pretty good head on his shoulders.

I here the little critter can multi task, think and make a decision all at the same time, unlike the zebras in the CFL.