Memo: Know your role in Toronto...Cats fans!!!

Everyone, lets not just "go to the Game in Toronto."

"What we need to do, is get crazy.... we need to get wild..... we need to PARTY!!!" :rockin:

This our game, bring your bells and whistles, flags, banners... lets get EXTRA LOUD.... Hamilton Tiger-Cats style!!!!!! :rockin:

Do this, and the Agrolls don't stand a chance :wink: We own Roger Centre Sunday!! Everyone have fun and play safe!!

Be loud be proud but most of all, win or lose make this game the one that brings the CFL pride back to Southern Ontario for fans on both sides of the ball.

Read the title. Thought it was Skydome security telling us to sit on our hands..

I'll be bringing the noise. Is It Sunday yet?

Make as much noise as possible, this is the biggest thing.
Clap, yell, bring noise makers anything you can when the D is on the field is HUGE!

I agree....

Great opportunity to do this....Let's show Canada - Southern Ontario loves the CFL as shown by the grass roots ground swell of this game!!!

Probably go to the Argo Tailgate with my family to support them and show what CFL pride is all about. (Doesn't mean I have to like the Argos) :x

No marketing department had to tell us to buy tickets for this game!

Why did the title change after the OP? He had it right

It said know your roll before. Now it's correct.

Role 1 When the Cats are on offense, during the play, be very very quiet (think Elmer Fudd). After the play is over cheer loudly. :wink:

Role 2 When the Cats are on defense, during the play (and after) make as much noise as humanly possible. :rockin: :rockin:

Role 3 When the Cats win laugh at the blew team and feel sorry for their fans. :wink:

Just to add to Role 2, especially be loud during the huddle and when they line up!!!