Members affected by the Virus issue?

:smile: okay then.

Sure is for you

Well our first family member, in Brussels, is infected.

But today I got better news that she did not have to be admitted to the hospital and is on quarantine for two weeks at home.

I hope that's as much as I hear about it. No news is good news.

for the last 2 nights, I have woken up during the night not feeling well. As I fall back to sleep I pray, "please dont let me have the virus" because the timing would suck with my new truck coming in. I wake up ok. So good so far. I have other problems.

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well, after 35 yrs and in spite of covid, there is a new blue f150 4x4 xlt crewcab with 6'5" box sitting in my driveway. Now I just need someplace to go :slight_smile:


...go somewhere? But that would use oil and gas, something you’re morally opposed to....

...unless you bought something just to hold your driveway down...a couple of piles of gravel would’ve been cheaper, but hey, a new F150 helps the economy out...


The mountains or the shore!

Go have a coffee , ice cream and warm apple pie in the Okanagan.


oops...guess not. Snow here last night. Just so early...

actually, it will be spending at least 70% of the time holding the driveway down. Much prettier than gravel.

I would be the first to sign any petition for complete abolishment of fossil fuel. However, this is the world we live in and oil and gas is part of it for now. After such a long wait, I am treating myself to last chance for my gas guzzler. I drive less than 3000k a year. The world is changing though and fossil fuel use will fizzle out, and those depending on it for jobs should already be planning for alternative careers. Governments should be helping in this instead of just trying to keep expanding fossil fuel production and delivery.

actually, it would be neat to come in the middle of winter and see the boys at work pulling semis out of ditches and such along the way

So I have two important dentist appts beginning of next month and I am really hoping to be symptom free. Meanwhile my daughter has been working the last number of weeks at different schools as an EA with special needs kids. Glad for her, but a little nervous for my dental work.

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Here is a question. How afraid of the virus are you?

I am not too afraid of it, as much as what it can get in the way of. Dont want others in my family to suffer it tho. I have lots of continuous issues and normal virus symptoms would a case of, join the party so to speak. While I wouldnt look forward to enduring symptoms there are many other things that would be worse to me.

Not afraid of ending up in the hospital either, although I dont think I would appreciated if they shoved a tube down my throat. Coma, I could use a rest from life. Death, not my time yet and will welcome it when it comes. My idea of heaven would be playing touch football forever. :slight_smile:

The thing I would fear the most about the virus is getting it, supposedly recovering from it, then suffering unpleasant symptoms for an extended period after.

China and Russia and Saudi Arabia feel otherwise as do others. Nah.

The thing I would fear the most about the virus is getting it, supposedly recovering from it, then suffering unpleasant symptoms for an extended period after.<

Yes. You want no part of this.

Late Dec 2012 - Like many, I got a mysterious respiratory virus in Florida that was not named. It was not the flu. I had no health insurance at the time in our flawed country. And I am not a person who gets I'll and was very active back then. It took two weeks for symptoms, which included breathing issues and sinus congestion, to disappear after I had spent a few hours in the hospital.

Early September 2020 - I got the flu for the first time since age 5 as I have shared otherwise. It was one day of heavy symptoms and 3 more of feeling mostly like crap with fatigue. I tested negative, which I learned one day after it had passed.

You want no part of this thing even if not serious enough to be hospitalized.

Oh sure you likely can tough it out, but your respiratory system, especially if older, risks permanent impairment.

...I had two dental procedures done through the intense part of the Covid episode, one in March and a follow-up procedure in dentist office handled it very professionally and I felt totally safe while there... I’m sure your doctor will do the same, their associations are very tuned up on how to handle it...I appreciate your concern, and you should be on point at all times, but I’m sure you’ll see evidence very quickly that all is being done to protect you and the staff at all times...

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Went from 25...wearing shorts and a T sittin on a patio chair having vietnamese soup last week to snow and record lows yesterday.

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actually, I have great confidence in my dentists office. My concern is whether or not I will be able to go.

Because I come from a big family we had to do our Thanksgiving on Zoom because it would have been illegal for the usual 20+ of us to get together. The following weekend it was Zoom again for my nephew's wedding.

My roommate returns from 3 months visiting his partner down in the USA tonight and has to do a 14 day quarantine. For me that means i am expected to wear a mask if in the same room and extra sanitizing by both of us when using common areas like bathroom, kitchen utensils etc. Plus I have to do things like all the grocery shopping etc.

Well as predicted by health experts for months now hospitals ARE being overrun now as hospitalization rates spike in multiple states. Because the USA never did get a handle on the virus their starting point for this next wave is much higher than ours or Europe's and that is frightening for health experts down there.

The highest rates in the Dakotas and adjoining states which health experts are convinced is due in part to the sturgis Bike Rally. But because of lack of testing and tracing impossible to say just how much of the spike in those parts over the last several weeks can be traced back to that one super spreader event.

Sadly what is about to hit the USA as they 'round the curve' looks like it may make the horrors of July look like a walk in the park.