Members affected by the Virus issue?

anyone here been directly affected by the situation

Has the Virus
Has been exposed
Has been tested
Close relative or friend tested positive
Lost money
Lost job
Friends or Family stuck in other countries or on cruise ships
Other issues not including loss of sports entertainment

So far, my family is good. My wife's work is on hold till things are open to the public again, but I've been working from home for a few years already, so no change.

My investment fund has taken a serious blow, but luckily I'm not in a situation to have to choose between paying rent/mortgage or food.

How about you, FYB? I hear the situation is not great on the west coast.

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I have been retired for about 21 years. So no diff for me
My wife is now working from home.
My brother in-law who lives from us is off work. Not sure of his income status.
My son works for the railroad at the ports and is working pretty steady.
My Daughter has put off looking for work in EA field.

Closest thing I know of anyone connected to us is one of my wife's co-workers daughter works where someone was tested positive.


My oldest son works at a Hospital, 12 hour shifts, 6 day weeks lately.
I am so proud of him!
But so worried for him!


You should be proud of him Grover.
Hats off to him and thank you.

Stay safe.

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We have been very wary as family as Italians and have been watching closely since at least early February. Our events in June in Italy, which include a wedding and a golden wedding anniversary of my parents, obviously were called off and that was well before the virus hit mainstream in North America.

Our family there are safe as are my parents who took shelter in a week before the mandate given their age and risk factors.

I myself already had an unrelated health matter on my plate for March, and I hope to put it to rest on Monday.

Last Thursday to Saturday I went from partial unemployment, and business dead since a record day 3 March, to more hours, a slight raise, and a record month for business!

That's more than enough for a quarter there let alone a month.

I am blessed and don't take it for granted given how things are looking.

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Social Distancing in Canada?

Here in the US it's the law now in about 13 states plus many major metro areas, like here in Philadelphia, to allow for no public or private gatherings of more than 10 if not more restrictive like New York City.

Where do any such laws apply in Canada beyond I figure Greater Vancouver, GTA, Ottawa, and Montreal? Any provinces entirely?

In Quebec, the government has just implemented a 3 week shut down for all non essential businesses.

Public schools are now to re open May 1st, subject to review prior given the status at that point.

Minimum of 6’ distance.
No gatherings of more than 2.

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What I have noticed, and I expect that Covid-19 and the shutting down of professional sports are responsible, is that we have a lot fewer active posters on here. Even some who were quite prolific have fallen silent; I know I don't post anywhere near as much as I used to.

Yes, I had expected just the opposite at first, figuring everyone staying home would be posting more online. But there are other things occupying people's time and minds these days.

Here's an old blues number that seems appropriate for these times:

What's everyone else listening to, watching, reading?

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I too thought that there would be more posting, and I too have noticed traffic here way down even before this situation.

These forums seem to be going the way of the once very popular

Well FYB it's also a function of there's not much for us to talk about anyway. Nothing going on with the CFL, it's all up in the air, and we aren't allowed to discuss religion or politics.

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Yep that all sounds about right. /Sips drink

I have tried adding some off topics but few responses. Guess I just don't create good topics any more, sigh :slight_smile:

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Your topics are okay FYB. Such are these low times. BAH!

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even Sully doesn't seem to have posted since the 15th. (12 days ago as of this posting)

A situation like we have puts things into perspective. Sports means little in the grand scheme.

What I like to do is record which multi million dollar companies and people are helping. I will remember those that are helping and especially those that don't. I figure it is the time for companies that have made money off us to pitch in and do something. Otherwise their silence is deafening.

Any stories of good companies out there ?

Michelin in NS has closed down and given two weeks pay to all employees plus they have set up a bank for emergencies. That's where I will be buying my tires from !


Liked Michelin for quality now have another reason .

I Heard Ford Motor company is making ventilators .

Hyundai is suppose to be giving a break to it's lease and finance customers but not sure how valid it is .

well, this thing just got a little more real for us. My son's girlfriend's mom is a nurse and mother and daughter are both not feeling well. My son's work said he should stay home for a while.

Good advice for anyone these days.

I hope they'll all be OK.