I was curious since I havn't paid attention to any of the NFL off season transactions I thought I should check out what has been happening with free agency. Terrence Melton is currently unsigned, I really liked that guy when he played here wondering if we could use him, I wouldn't want to replace Mo in the middle wonder if he could play DE?

Just randome early morning musings :stuck_out_tongue:

Terrence was a pretty darned good player for us in his brief tenure here. I found one list of free agents that had Melton on the list, but I also found an article that indicated he may still be the property of the Panthers. Not sure which is true. But, bottom line, at 31 years of age, and coming off a serious knee injury, I doubt the Riders will be all that interested. If he can latch on in the NFL still, he is due to receive around 600,000 minimum for the year, so that is where he'll look first anyway. And if he did come back to the CFL, he is a free agent and other teams likely need him more than we do..

And he did play some DE for us when he was here, but he is a little undersized for that position...