Meilleur DG de la ligue

Je regardais hier soir le "sondage" de TSN demandant aux lecteurs du site quel était d'après eux le meilleur directeur-général de la ligue.

J'ai été surpris de voir que Popp recueillait moins de votes que Wally, et surtout que Hufnagel n'avait l'aval que d'un peu moins de 6% des répondants.

Certes, le fait que Taman soit largement en avance montre qu'il y a bon nombre de purs et durs des Roughriders qui se sont garrochés pour voter pour lui, même si c'est en soi une hérésie lorsqu'on regarde les résultats de cette équipe depuis 2 ans.

À mon sens, les 3 meilleurs DG de la ligue sont Popp, Buono et Hufnagel. Barker pourrait bien s'insérer dans ce lot, mais il faudra voir ce que va donner sa gouverne cette saison et la saison prochaine. Considérant ce que Popp a rassemblé comme équipes depuis 1994, on peut légitimement penser qu'il peut être considéré comme numéro 1.

Bon, ce sondage n'est pas scientifique, il va sans dire, mais il tout de même curieux de constater que Popp a passablement d'estime au sud de la frontière et si peu ici.

It is difficult to compare because they all have very different working environments. Wally is the most successful coach in CFL history and he's managed to win multiple championships and some holding down both jobs. You can't argue with him being seen by most as the top football guy in the league. He may be the top guy in league history. However all of Buono's successes in the CFL have been with Roy Shivers supplying him unmatched Non Import talent. The few years where Shivers was in Saskatchewan Buono struggled quite a bit. Shivers does not get the credit he deserves mostly because he is so abrasive and a self-admitted racist IMO.

Jim has the longest tenure and the best winning percentage of any GM in the modern era of the CFL but he was not given much of an opportunity as a HC. I still think had he been given his own assistants and a couple more seasons he could have been successful but I'm not sure he could have kept up with Buono doing both job because of the Shiver factor.

Hufnagel is the best HC of the group but as a GM has not come close to the other two as a GM, however he does not operate with their budget either.

Jim Barker IMO is an opportunist and should never even be in the same conversation as the Future Hall of fame trio above.

And then you have Tillman who until recently was always talked about in that conversation until he was exposed in Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

What? Joe Mack isn't the runaway winner? :wink: :lol:

No one can find Joe :lol:

Huf also relied a lot on Chris Jones to bring in good defensive personnel, same as Barker is doing now in Toronto.

Yeah between Murphy and Jones, Huf got a lot of talent. You saw last year with Ameet Paal being picked at five that Jones departure left a big hole. Same thing happened with MOntreal the year Jim was doing both jobs we ended up drafting a retired guy with a first round pick. You can't do both jobs properly. If it works its because someone is out recruiting quality while your busy in the "kitchen".

I am a big Jim Popp fan, but I also have a great deal of respect for Wally Buono.

He has always had a succession of QBs and the knack of replacing players just before their expiry date.

As for Taman, most of us could do what he does. Watch the CFL waiver wire or free agent list and overpay. Or trade draft picks for overated imports.

Taman was never a bird dog. He's learned to work with very little infrastructure and support in Winnipeg and he also is very good at creating relationships with his players. He's a good guy and you can see with the resources in Saskatchewan that he becoming a very good general manager. I would take Taman ahead of Tillman, Mack, Obilovich and Barker.

Je crois que ces prochaines années montreront où Taman est rendu dans son évolution. Les budgets additionnels et ses positions au repêchage devraient permettre de mieux saisir s’il a l’étoffe du métier.

Dans ses premières années à Régina, il était dans l’ombre de Miller. Là, il est vraiment en charge des choix de l’équipe et nous verrons donc ce qu’il pourra monter comme équipe. S’il réussit à donner aux Roughriders une équipe qui termine avec une fiche gagnante, ça sera déjà un bon coup.

I'm hoping we won't be in that position against with Desjardins leaving. Granted, Jim isn't wearing two hats this year, but Desjardins seems to have been the SMS management guy. I hope we don't wind up over the cap again, as we did after 2007.

Jim's just hired a neew head of US scouting. i would not be surprised if he moved back to Montreal.

How successful Jim Popp is in finding Calvillo`s eventual successor will go a long way in ultimately ranking him amongst the all-time great CFL GMs.

If he's still with the Als when AC retires :wink:

Je crois qu'il y figure déjà.

I agree that he does.

However you have alot of people outside of Montreal who claim the Alouettes (and Popp and Trestman) were only successful because of Calvillo. Once Calvillo retires the team will collapse.

They also conveniently forget it was Popp who was responsible for the reinvention of Calvillo.

He also deserves credit for extending him 7 times !
Providing the best or second best oline in the league year in, year out.
Always providing talented weapons for him to connect with. Something Maciocia was NEVER able to do for Ray for example.

Vrai, et ce sont souvent aussi les mêmes gens qui disent que Calvillo est surestimé, qu'il n'est pas si bon, qu'il a été chanceux de toujours avoir pu compter sur une bonne ligne offensive, sur de bons receveurs, etc. implicitement, ce que ces gens disent d'une autre façon, c'est que Popp a su bien entourer Calvillo. Ils se contredisent souvent dans ce genre de discours.

Il demeure que si bon soit le quart, il ne peut gagner les parties à lui-seul. Il peut les perdre à lui seul, mais pas les gagner seul.

Qu'on dise ce qu'on voudra, les Alouettes n'avaient jamais repêché mieux qu'au 4ième rang et sont demeurés une puissance de la ligue pendant au moins 13 des 16 années de leur déménagement à Montréal. Ajoutez à ça les 2 bonnes années des Stallions, on ne peut pas dire que Popp soit un manchot.

This is something that doesn't get enough mention. What Maciocia did to Ray in Edmonton was pathetic. Took a future Hall of Fame QB with 2 Grey Cups already on his resume and broke his confidence by not giving him the right weapons and undermining him with a ridiculous revolving door of offensive coordinators. It was basically one and sometimes two new coordinators per year every year from 2006 to 2011. Year one of playing for a good football mind and QB coach in a superior system geared to his strengths, with some weapons to throw to, and a defense good enough to make plays when it counts, and he wins his third Grey Cup. Star QBs have to be put in a position to succeed just like anyone else, and that's what we've done with Calvillo in Montreal. He's an amazing athlete, a first-ballot Hall of Famer for sure, but we have also allowed him to flourish.

Can't wait to find out Trestman's schedule tonight. It'll be just as much fun following his bears than our als.

Hope it's sunny at Bishop's June 2 for a change.