I saw a piece about Mark Megna on Pulse news last night. It said that the knee that he surgery on got badly infected and he was infected most of the winter, then it got reinfected. He said he was on IV on his back for 2 months I think. Anyway the infection has gone. And he has only really been working out for 3 weeks. He has always been in great shape and is a fanatic about hard workouts at all hours, but I hope he hasn’t lost too much weight or strength. He looked pretty good.

I saw that.
Scarry to think that that can happen for somewhat minor surgery

I shopped around to buy an Als jersey this week. Last year, all that I would find were Calvillo’s, Cahoon’s, Copeland’s, Girard’s and Lapointe’s. This year… I also saw Megna’s !

Isn’t it funny? He’s not necessarily the guy that will generate the most sales, in my humble opinion. I thought the Als would first add Landry’s jersey, because people are always on their heels to see Itty Bitty take it back. (Of course, if you sit, you won’t see him at all, but… that wasn’t my point)

I too saw the Megna jersey. I don’t think it’s out of place. Megna is the most athletic lineman we have and our D never really recovered from his season-ending injury. I pray to God he’s 100% and ready to go this year because he is one piece of our defense we can’t really replace.

Megna is AMAZING actually. In 2003 he was one of the top DE in the CFL!
The fact that he’s also a model helps sales I’m sure. There’s a lot of ladies who buy jerseys too ya know.

I didn’t say he wasn’t a playmaker. My point was that linemen fill less glamourous spots, and thus WRs, QBs and HBs tend to be better marketing boosters.

And as for Megna being a model, I’d be curious to know how many women know what the players faces look like (they look at the players’ butts… just like we look at the cheerleaders’… uh… smiles). I believe most people could be sitting right next to a player and not know it, unless it’s a very well known face, like Sylvain Girard or Anthony Calvillo are in Montreal.