Mark Megna has been place on the inactive list untill the 16th of Sept

I can't figure Matthews and Megna out this year. Megna has been the hardest working guy on the Defense on and off the field, a leader the last few years of the best defense in the CFL and this year?
I guess the knee injury and subsequent infection and long rest period of inactivity in the off season has done something to him. Or is Matthews just being a stubborn pain in the ass as usual?
I haven't been able to watch all the games this year, has Megna lost a step? And he's not the only one!

Megna isn't playing like he did in the past few years, but then again, no one is except Butler, and maybe Philion.

Strickland misses all his tackles. Kevin Johnson is almost invisible. Tugbenyoh is always fooled by play-action. Answar Stewart can't find any room between the linemen. And the DBs... well...

So I don't know why Megna would be the only one paying for this mess. The only reason I see is a personnal fight between him and Matthews.

megna gets all the girl's attention and matthews wants a piece.

A piece of Megna or the Girls

i think i will let you ask the don that one!

You guys are right, the defense has been missing a lot of tackles, but I think if you checked out last nights game, you'll get a different view of the defence. Strickland was all over the place. Stewart brought pressure, in fact the whole D-line was bringing pressure. If you saw the 4th sack, Joseph was down before anyone touched him. When that starts to happen in a game it's cause the D-line has gotten to him, mentally and physically.