Megna, Nix being benched

It is reported that some new guy called Roberson is replacing Nix, and that Tugbenyoh is coming back in for Megna.

Is it just me or are there others who think the problem with the Als defence this year is not the personnel but the system?

For years we were known for our high risk high reward pressure defence. On most every play we would have 9 or more guys stacking the line, sometimes they all came on the blitz, sometimes only a few of them with the rest dropping off in coverage. Kept the other team on edge, not knowing what was coming. This year we have gone completely away from it. Having only a three man rush in the CFL is idiotic........having 9 guys in coverage may be nice, but with only a three man rush the opposing QB isn't getting any pressure, so he has all kinds of time to find an open receiver, and eventually someone IS going to be open.

So, instead of tinkering with the personnel, why don't they go back to the defence we used to use?

I think our former defensive system has been analysed by our opponents, and they found ways to cope with it. It was becoming less effective, especially with cold-headed QBs like Dickenson, Allen or Ray. So the Don seems to be looking for something else, and he obiously hasn't found it yet.

We should play les man-to-man coverage. We suck at it.

Third and Ten I've heard that explanation before from some talking head on TV, and I'm not sure I buy it.

We still finished first handily last year, and would have gone to the Grey Cup had not Calvillo (and Cavil and Durden) gotten injured in the Eastern Final. So where's the evidence that our opponents found ways to cope with our defence? They've been running roughshod over our defence this year, and we're not using the old defence.

Frankly, as far as I am concerned, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

It's all about missed tackles. Last 3 games all I see are guys bouncing off of the offencive players. Last night we got some pressure on the Ray (2 sacks) but still he kept burning us with the long ball and we kept missing key tackles.

The Don said it, heads will roll. Hopefully not his.

I agree. Its not Don who is missing tackles. The players are just not doing their jobs