Meeting up in Calgary- July 17th

Just wondering if anyone knows any good bars or hangouts for fans to head to before the game. Preferably somewhere close to McMahon or downtown, but we're pretty much just looking for an easy meeting place for any TiCat fans in the city. We're trying our best to show Calgary how serious Hamilton is about our Cats!!!

In my experiences (lived in Calgary for a while) any fan of the CFL is welcome in any bar/restaurant in town. There are a few franchise type restaurants over the “walkway” of 16th (I think). Friendly town!

the walk way is not over 16 ave it is crowchild trail. but some fans go to Boston Pizza across the street from McMahon on the east side or the tail gate parties in the parking lot of McMahon.

I haven't been there in about a decade, but is the lounge at Nick's still a good spot? (on the east side of Crowchild, a bit north of the walkway)